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First 10,000 Posts, Now 1000 threads..

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  • First 10,000 Posts, Now 1000 threads..

    It had been a long hard struggle to get the board up and running, but here we are, less than 5 months since we began, with 10,000 posts.

    A hearty thanks goes out to all our users and a promise of more great things to come from Irish Military Online.

    Roll on the next 10k!

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    1000 Threads

    A few short months later we reach another milestone,passing 1000 threads. That is 1000 different topics about matters useful and otherwise.
    I think I can speak for the administrators and moderators of the board when I thank you for your support in the past. It can only get bigger,and better.
    We now have over 300 members. I wish to encourage all those registered to feel free to post your opinion.Without you,the board will not exist.

    I know for a fact this site is being watched by those who matter.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.