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Troop Redeployment from Kosovo

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  • Troop Redeployment from Kosovo

    Statement - 11.00am 20 April 2010

    The main contingent of Irish troops redeploying from Kosovo were due to arrive in Dublin airport today from Pristina at 4.25pm but will now be delayed due to the closure of Irish airspace. Defence Forces logistics staff and Department of Defence are liaising closely with the aviation authorities and the aircraft providers but the situation remains unclear.

    The next decision point for us is at 1.00pm when the review of Irish airspace takes place, if Irish Airspace re-opens then our aircraft will reposition to Pristina and then return to Ireland later this eveing with our troops. The troops retain all possible comforts including gym, canteen and cookhouse facilities. We will provide a further update following a review at 1.00pm.


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    Statement - 8.55am Wednesday 21 April 2010

    Our aircraft will depart Prague in order to reposition to Pristina, Kosovo this morning and rendezvous with the 160 Irish Troops due to redeploy to Ireland following their six month Tour of Duty with KFOR.

    The indications are that the aircraft and troops will depart Pristina at 1245pm local time and arrive in Dublin Airport at 3.15pm local time. The next major decision point for the aviation authorities is at 1.00pm which could lead to the flight being diverted to Cork or Shannon Airports depending on the prevailing winds.

    All timings shown are Local Time

    Estimated Time of Arrival Pristina - 1040
    Estimated Time of Departure Pristina - 1245
    Estimated Time of Arrival - 1515