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Minister Killeen visits Reserve Defence Force Annual Training camp at Lahinch

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  • Minister Killeen visits Reserve Defence Force Annual Training camp at Lahinch

    Minister for Defence Mr Tony Killeen TD today (Monday 5th July 2010) visited the Reserve Defence Force annual training camp at Lahinch, Co Clare. The annual training camp commenced on Saturday, 3 July 2010 and runs to Friday, 9 July 2010. Reservists undergo training throughout the year on a voluntary basis and many reservists also participate in annual training camps over the summer period, such as the one currently taking place at Lahinch.

    Major advances have been made in relation to the quality of training for reservists under the Reserve Defence Force Review Implementation Plan. Training for reservists is now defined in an Annual Training Directive and a programme has been put in place to assess and validate the training standards of the Reserve.

    Speaking in Lahinch Minister Killeen said “Annual training camps provide reservists with an opportunity to consolidate and refine the skills that have been acquired over many hours in their own Units. The Lahinch camp holds many fond memories for members of the reserve who have trained here. Likewise the local community and business people hold the military in very high regard arising from activities here in the camp and inter action over the decades.”

    Aproximately sixty five reservists from Communication and Information Systems (CIS) Corps units based at Athlone, Limerick and Dublin are taking part in the annual training camp

    CIS communications equipment including High Frequency and Very High Frequency equipment will be used in the training of reservists attending the camp. The Tactical Battlefield Management System and the Command & Control containers will also be used in the training.

    The camp is being supported by Permanent Defence Force (PDF) CIS Units and by the CIS School. PDF personnel provide CIS services within the Defence Forces on a day-to-day basis. The role of Reserve Defence Force CIS Units is to augment the PDF in contingencies.

    Minister Killeen paying tribute to all the members of the Reserve who give freely of their time to serve their country said “I wish to thank all our reservists for their commitment and dedication”.


    Editors notes:
    · The strength of the RDF at the end of May 2010 is approximately 6,200.
    · The White Paper on Defence 2000 outlines the blueprint for the Reserve Defence Force.
    · The RDF Review Implementation Plan has provided for the phased enhancement of Reserve capabilities over the period to the end of 2009.
    · In line with the Plan, the Reserve has been re-organised along similar lines to the Permanent Defence Force and new equipment, clothing and opportunities for improved training have been provided.

    For further information please contact: Derval Monahan Press Adviser to Minister Killeen, Department of Defence, on Tel +353 1 8042170 and Mobile + 353876781608 Email

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