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Defence Forces assist fire-fighting efforts in the North West

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  • Defence Forces assist fire-fighting efforts in the North West

    Wednesday 4th May, 09.00am - (update). Defence Forces continue to assist fire-fighting efforts in Donegal

    The Defence Forces are continuing to assist local authoritiesin Donegal in fighting gorse fires.

    40 troops are currently deployed in Falcarragh wheresignificant progress has been made. Troops are also on standby to deploy toGlenties, pending an assessment of the situation there by Donegal Fire Service.

    Two helicopters are also deployed in Falcarragh, and theywill be joined by a third later this morning.

    Two of the three helicopters are fitted with Bambi buckets,and the Air Corps have dropped in excess of 250,000 litres of water on fires inDonegal so far using this system.

    Further troops are on standby around the country to assistlocal authorities if requested.


    Tuesday 3rd May 2011, 10.00am - The Defence Forces are continuing to assist local authorities in the North West to deal with gorse fires.

    45 troops have been in Falcarragh since first light assisting local fire-fighters in dealing with fires in that area.

    Two helicopters are also in Donegal this morning, and they will be joined by a third by midday. Two of these helicopters are fitted with Bambi buckets which are capable of dropping 1,200 litres of water to douse fires.

    Troops are on standby elsewhere around the country to assist local authorities if required.


    Monday 2nd May 2011, 9.00am - Defence Forces fire-fighting assistancein the North West – Update

    Defence Forces fire-fighting assistanceis continuing in Donegal today. Ground and air operations will focus onthe Dungloe area, where significant progress was made yesterday.

    Three helicopters, two of which areequipped with Bambi buckets, are being deployed to the scene. Each bambi bucketis capable of carrying 1,200 litres of water, and over 100,000 litres weredropped on affected areas yesterday.

    Over 100 troops, equipped with specialfire retardant suits, will assist fire-fighters on the ground.


    The Defence Forces have deployed Army and Air Corpsassets to assist fire-fighting efforts in the North West of the country today.
    The troops, aircraft and equipment were deployed inresponse to a request from the local authorities.

    An Air Corps AW 139 helicopter fitted with aspecialist under slung Bambi Bucket is currently dropping water on fires in theDungloe area. The Bambi bucket has a capacity of 1,200 litres.

    A second helicopter with a fire safety qualifiedArmy Engineer on-board is currently in the air over Donegal and North West Mayo.The Army Engineer is providing advice and information to the fire fightingeffort on the ground based on an assessment of the fires from the air.

    A third helicopter is currently being prepared fordeployment to the Foxford / Pontoon area of North West Mayo in order to assistin fire fighting efforts in that location. This helicopter will also be fittedwith a Bambi bucket.

    Over 50 troops with specialist fire-fighting suitshave been deployed to the Dungloe and North West Mayo areas. Further troopshave been placed on standby for deployment as required.


    Press Release Date: Sunday 1st May 2011, 4.20pm

    For Further Information contact:

    Press Officer: Comdt. Neil Nolan

    Tel: 045 49 2502 , 045 49 2503

    Mobile : 087 2482130

    e-mail: Press Officer web:

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