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Minister notes Progress on Capital Works at Haulbowline Naval Base

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  • Minister notes Progress on Capital Works at Haulbowline Naval Base

    Press Release: Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs notes Progress on Capital Works at Haulbowline Naval Base

    From Department of Defence

    Published on 17 January 2022

    Last updated on 17 January 2022

    Mr. Simon Coveney, T.D., Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs notes Progress on Capital Works at Haulbowline Naval Base

    The Minister for Defence & Foreign Affairs, Mr. Simon Coveney T.D., today, 17 January 2022, visited Haulbowline Naval Base to see firsthand the progress to date on Block 8 Accommodation Block and the upgrade and repair works to Spencer Jetty. The Minister was accompanied by Secretary General Jacqui McCrum, Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Sean Clancy, and members of the Representative Associations, PDFORRA and RACO.

    Haulbowline Block 8 is a four story stone faced building dating from approx. 1822, enjoying ‘listed’ status on the Cork County Council Record of Protected Structures (RPS) and located prominently opposite Cobh. The ongoing project involves the refurbishment of the structure, renewal of all mechanical and electrical services and alterations required to make it suitable to accommodate 70 living-in Naval Service personnel in compliance with the Defence Forces’ accommodation standards and in a manner complying with heritage considerations following consultations with the Local Authority.

    The upgrade works currently ongoing to Spencer Jetty will stabilise the currently unusable Jetty structure and protect the sea entrance to the NS Dockyard and Basin. The upgraded facility will also provide the Naval Service with an additional berthage.

    Works are well advanced at both sites with the Jetty works due for completion in the coming weeks and Block 8 scheduled for handover in May.

    Minister Coveney stated that “the refurbishment and upgrading of both Block 8 and Spencer Jetty are being undertaken as part of the 5 year Defence Forces Infrastructure Development Plan. The investment is part of a suite of investments we are making in our Defence Forces built infrastructure, to ensure that our Defence Forces are enabled to contribute fully to their assigned roles.”

    The Block 8 and Spencer Jetty project and the future planned refurbishment of Block 9 for commencement in early 2023 provides for an investment of over €12.5m in capital works alone for the Naval Service.

    Note for Editors

    In January 2020 the publication of the first ever 5 year infrastructure programme for the Defence Forces was announced. This Infrastructure Programme focusses on ensuring that the Defence Forces have the necessary infrastructure to enable them to undertake their roles. The Programme reflects the complex environment in which the Defence Forces operate and the corresponding need for appropriate infrastructure to provide for accommodation and training of personnel, maintenance and storage of equipment for land, sea and airborne operational requirements.

    There are currently over €86 m worth of projects underway at different stages of development. This level of expenditure will continue to increase as the Programme is implemented. It is projected that some €75m will be spent over the next three years and that over the 5 year lifespan of the Programme some €145m will be invested. The Programme provides a blueprint for investment in the Defence Forces infrastructure over a multi annual timeframe. The programme will ensure that the required capital funding is prioritised as building activities increase over the lifetime of the Programme.

    The following projects are at various stages of development from Design to Construction:

    Upgrade and refurbishment of two buildings at McKee Barracks: €15m

    Upgrade of Blocks 8 and 9 at the Naval Base, Haulbowline and construction/upgrade of Block 1 at Collins Barracks, Cork:€9.5m

    Upgrade of Block 4 Accommodation, Haulbowline: €9m

    Upgrade of Former USAC Block, Galway: €8.4m

    Casement Military Medical Facility ( Relocation of Bricins): €8m

    New CIS Workshop Facility, Defence Forces Training Centre : €7.3m

    ARW New HQ Building : €4.4m

    Cadet School HQ- Defence Forces Training Centre: €4.1m

    Collins Barracks New Accommodation Block: €3.5m

    Remediation of Spencer Jetty at the Naval Base, Haulbowline, Cork: €3.1m

    Upgrade of the Oil Wharf and installation of Fire Detection and Firefighting System at the Naval Base, Haulbowline: €2.9m

    Provision of Electric Target Range and associated AMS installation , Defence Forces Training Centre: €2.2m

    St Bricins Re Location - MAP & Dmed - former COS: €2.2m

    Upgrade of underground services at barracks Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel: €1m

    Upgrade to Barracks HQ, McKee Barracks: €1m

    DFTC Engineering Stores: €0.7m

    Gas, Water mains and Electrical Upgrade Works at Galway Barracks: €0.5m

    Military Training Facility, No Danger Area Range, Kilworth, Cork: €0.49m

    Military Training Facility, No Danger Area Range, Gormanstown, Meath: €0.45m

    Upgrade to waste and water services at Coolmoney Camp, Glen of Imaal, Co. Wicklow: €0.4m

    Upgrade of water mains and extension of gas main supply at Kilkenny Barracks: €0.4m

    Central Heating Boiler Decentralisation, Dundalk: €0.4m

    Casement Runway LED upgrade : €0.4m

    Water and Gas Mains Upgrade Works at Finner Camp: €0.4m

    Personnel Support Services Resource Centre, Camp Field, Collins Barracks, Cork: €0.364m

    Casement - Airfield Generators: €0.2m - Press Release: Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs notes Progress on Capital Works at Haulbowline Naval Base (
    For now, everything hangs on implementation of the CoDF report.