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  • Originally posted by Saab View Post
    Some of those scanias are not DROPS.

    They are CHUs

    They can be DROPS but in the mode in the pic they are not.

    I don't know what that means but the tpt lads do.
    You are correct, I did actually call them Side Loading Systems. Shame shit different day unless you get really really pickey .
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    • Originally posted by FMP View Post
      Got a bit of a thing for those Scania DROPS. Very impressive vehicles. See a lot of other "NATO / EU" countries using them but the DF ones are slightly different. Super singles on all axles where as I see others using paired wheels on the rear two axles. DF ones "look" the business I must say, what sort of feedback from the drivers? Truckdriver?

      How many do you have? 6 x 6 and 8 x 8? Are there plans to get more? Is this the start of maybe sticking with one manufacture? From reading this thread it would appear the HGV fleet is in a bit of a state, much like the LV fleet. All the same old arguments for and against standardization and commonality. How can you possibly argue aginst standardization and commonality?

      Anyway great vehicles, stick with them, you wont go far wrong. Stand by for many more random pic's.
      I'm qualified on the 6x6 but not the 8x8 DROPS
      Lovely truck to drive, automatic transmission makes life a whole lot simpler. The retarder is verrryyy handy when driving them around the roads in the Glen. Dogs bollocks off road. Very nifty means of jump starting them if required. My only crib is the air cushioned suspension on the driver's seat. Tends to bounce the seat up and down when you least need it, i.e. On road
      Originally posted by trellheim View Post
      those baby MAN 4x2s ( they are probably the last 93-ds left ) are by a LONG way the best vehicle the DF ever bought. It is fking unreal how long they have been going.
      Did my MOD 3B lessons on one. To be honest, even at that stage, around 2001 onwards, they were showing signs of abuse. Talk a couple of years back was that these were being replaced by another Scania model in the stores truck role. Haven't seen any as yet though. Probably will be the same model currently in use with EOD
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      • Found this

        when looking at this


        • I'm impressed! I was sure it was going to end in failure, or the arrse being torn off the truck
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          • Russians! who else would do it?!


            • Originally posted by GoneToTheCanner View Post
              Russians! who else would do it?!
              OK - probably shouldn't admit it but I tried. Tried being the operative word. Spent hours trying to get out the stump of a small Japanese maple in the back garden which had been killed off by frost. My wife having ruled out the use of explosives I had a brainwave - run a length of tow rope over the back wall, tie it to the stump, reverse Land Rover into field behind the house - attach tow rope, engage low range gear and bob's your uncle.

              I should have realised that, not having an uncle called bob, it was not going to end well. In short stump breaks, tow rope behaves like any semi elastic material under strain and recoils taking out the perfectly healthy apple tree, a portion of screening fence at the side of the house and permanently terrifying the dog.

              The look on my wife's face was priceless - a mix of terror, pity and exasperation.
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              • I'm reminded of this, from The Oxford Book of Military Anecdotes ;

                . Evelyn Waugh writes to his wife Laura, 31 May 1942;

                No. 3 Commando was very anxious to be chums with Lord Glasgow, so they offered to blow up an old tree stump for him and he was very grateful and he said don't spoil the plantation of young trees near it because that is the apple of my eye and they said no of course not we can blow a tree down so it falls on a sixpence and Lord Glasgow said goodness how clever and he asked them all for luncheon for the great explosion. So Col. Durnford-Slater DSO said to his subaltern, have you put enough explosive in the tree. Yes sir, 75lb. Is that enough? Yes sir I worked it out by mathematics it is exactly right. Well better put a bit more. Very good sir.

                And when Col. D Slater DSO had had his port he sent for the subaltern and said subaltern better put a bit more explosive in that tree. I don't want to disappoint Lord Glasgow. Very good sir.

                Then they all went out to see the explosion and Col. DS DSO said you will see that tree fall flat at just that angle where it will hurt no young trees and Lord Glasgow said goodness you are clever.

                So soon they lit the fuse and waited for the explosion and presently the tree, instead of falling quietly sideways, rose 50 feet into the air taking with it 1/2 acre of soil and the whole of the young plantation.

                And the subaltern said Sir, I made a mistake, it should have been 7 1/2 lb, not 75. Lord Glasgow was so upset he walked in dead silence back to his castle and when they came to the turn of the drive in sight of his castle what shoud they find but that every pane of glass in the building was broken.

                So Lord Glasgow gave a little cry and ran to hide his emotion in the lavatory and there when he pulled the plug the entire ceiling, loosened by the explosion, fell on his head.

                This is a true story.
                'He died who loved to live,' they'll say,
                'Unselfishly so we might have today!'
                Like hell! He fought because he had to fight;
                He died that's all. It was his unlucky night.


                • My grandfather did much the same; how much will we use? we're not bringing it back. BOOOOOOOMMMM!! Stump goes at least 100 feet in the air and windows broken all round. Great fun!


                  • Looks like Scania got the armoured DROPS trucks contract.

                    ....In a further recent success, in February Scania is understood to have been awarded a contract to supply the Irish Army with a small batch of trucks. This latest order will bring the total number of Scania trucks in service with Ireland's armed forces to more than 100.

                    Although the award has yet to be officially announced by either Scania or the Irish Army, it is known that an initial request for proposals was released in July 2016, and that bids valid for 120 days were submitted in September 2016. The 10 trucks required are predominantly for use on deployed operations (most probably the UN Interim Force in Lebanon) and are to be equipped with a hooklift-type load handling system (LHS), a container handling unit (CHU), and fitted with an armoured cab.

                    It is believed the only competitors in the final stage of this competition were Scania and RMMV.


                    • There is a new tender out for 120 new TCV including artillery tractors, hx60 must be favourite


                      • To replace Merc 1117, and Leyland T244 and work alongside Scania R420? Difficult to justify. What are the details?
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                        • I saw a rather unusual looking vehicle coming back from the Glen the other day; sand coloured, possible mine clearing flail vehicle, on a flatbed.


                          • Originally posted by paul g View Post
                            There is a new tender out for 120 new TCV including artillery tractors, hx60 must be favourite
                            TCV fitted with Roll-over protection system (ROPS). Estimated number of units in
                            this category 70-85.
                            TCV fitted with tail-lift and snow plough (No ROPS). Estimated number of units in
                            this category 20-30.
                            TCV fitted with Artillery equipment. ROPS seating for eight (8) personnel.
                            Estimated number of units in this category 15-20.


                            • Someone please remind them of the MOU with the UK


                              • Why, Dev?