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Photos from Aldershot Military Museum

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  • Photos from Aldershot Military Museum

    Took a trip over to this small museum last weekend and thought the pics might be of interest, several Irish related vehicles on view, heres the link to the album on my Facebook page:

    Was also at the War and Peace show in Kent a few weeks ago, hers a link to that album:

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    Nice photos, just one point, I think photo 6 of 7 ("NOT at Aldershot") is actually a Fox Armoured Car (Alvis), not a Panhard.



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      Oops, you're absolutely right ias, posted the wrong pic, working with small images on my blackberry! Will try to upload the actual Panhard!


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        Just to flesh out whats actually at this museum, it's housed in 2 or 3 old billet blocks, and inside it displays various diaramas (?) of the history of the British army in Aldershot ('Home of the British Army'), with some small exhibits of uniform and equipment. There is a shed with a few old jeeps, ambulance and one or two other vehicles in various states of restoration. I don't think there's a lot of restoration work going on, and I certainly wouldn't suggest you go far out of your way to visit. But you don't have to pay to wander around the external exhibits. It's not too far from where I live, I must go back and take some better pics on camera rather then phone.


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          i drive past there every single day Tempest, i must get myself inside some day.

          thanks for posting the pics and sparking some interest.

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            RGJ, Im shocked! Get your arse in there, its the history of the place and organisation you work for! Its only a couple of quid. I suppose you haven't been to FAST either (Farnborough Air Science Museum)?