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New Man 8x8 Irish Recovery Trucks??

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    So 15T at minimum boom extension.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      That depends on the spec. If it is 15T on beam then it is 2.3m from then CL of boom pivot. if it is off beam then it is 2.3m from the foot print of the vehicle with extended stabillisers. Both are with boom at full extension.

      This makes a huge difference to what the vehicle can actually do.
      But as was touched on earlier this would mean that the maximum ability of the crane and the vehicle would have to be at least 60T.

      Also you will note it is the stated as "can lift" and not maximum lift. again this can be very different.
      If you look at the media blurb on the Scania DROPS.
      It says capable of lifting 15T and GVW of 32T. While it actually has DGVW of 41T and a max lift of 25T.
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        two British Army MAN SV(R)'s lift an RAF Chinook:

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