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LTAV First attempt.

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  • LTAV First attempt.

    I was wondering if the tender went out for the light tatical veichles yet??

    if so, whats the DF's options, what is likely to be in the running??
    the Eagle IV
    the Dingo
    the Iveco MLV
    the Scarab
    other, eg Hummer ect

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    Mowag Eagle II (I would say is the front runner)
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      The recent Book by Karl Martin mentioned the selection process briefly for the Light Tactical Vehicles(veh-hickle). The Mowag Eagle II and the Panhard VB2L are 2 of the long list.
      Also up for consideration could be the following vehicles,which are in the running for The Belgian Recce 2001 programme and a similar UK competition,which they are calling
      Future Command and Liason Vehicle .

      1#Alvis Scarab.

      The blurb says..
      To reduce overall life-cycle costs, Scarab uses proven sub-systems wherever possible. For example, the engine and drive line is from the Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG 4 x 4 cross-country vehicle.
      The crew of the Scarab depends on the mission, but is typically three who are seated at the front of the vehicle with the power pack at the rear. A wide range of weapon systems can be mounted on the roof including 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine guns, 20mm cannon or anti-tank guided weapons. Specialised sensor pods can also be fitted
      2#Iveco MLV.

      The Blurb says...
      With a length just under 5000mm and weighing 6500kg, MLV is readily air-transportable in EH101 and CH-47 (2 vehicles)helicopters and C-130 aircraft(2 vehicles), for rapid deployment into any operational theatre.
      MLV's engine is the Euro 3, Iveco Fl 0 185 BHP;(same as the new trucks?) the vehicle has automatic transmission, hydrosteering, off-road ABS, central tyre inflation system, independent suspension and, following brief preparation, can ford depths of 1.5m.
      Armoured protection kits include underbelly mine protection, Additional anti-tank mine protection under wheel arches, 3600 protection against 7.62mm AP attack and protection against 155mm fragments.
      3#ACMAT (Hunting-INSYS) VLRB.

      This is an armoured Vehicle based on the ACMAT VLRA Truck as used By the Artillery and Vehicle Workshops. This version is being built in the UK by Hunting engineering. It can be fitted with applique armour though the basic design has protection from 7.62mm ball ammo and Anti Tank Mine protection. This is achieved through a Blast Deflecting under belly V-Type Plate.Powered by a Cummins Euro 3 instead of the Perkins engines of the VLRA.

      4#VDS RG-32M.

      Company Blurb..
      Built to stringent technical and quality specifications, the RG-32 Scout has two variants: the five-seat Mine Hardened Patrol Vehicle (MHPV) and the seven-seat Estate version. The five-seat has a degree of mine hardening and the seven-seat version greater capacity. Each variant can be custom-built or modified to serve as asset-in-transit vehicles, escort or VIP transporters, as well as for a variety of military, paramilitary, police and peacemaking applications
      Following a competition involving a wide variety of vehicles from an international field, the MOD has placed contracts with Hunting Engineering, Alvis Vehicles, and Vickers Defence, worth about £500,000 each, for a year-long Risk Reduction and Trials programme. A preferred contractor is due to be selected in 2003, with vehicles entering service in 2006
      *Side note to all above..Alvis have combined with Vickers Defence,to make Alvis Vehicles,
      Iveco Have combined with alvis To build the MLV
      Some tendering process...*

      The Locally favoured types as mentioned earlier.
      #Mowag Eagle II

      Mowag say..
      The internationally successful AM General Hummer chassis forms the platform for the MOWAG EAGLE 4x4 Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle.
      The lightweight EAGLE 4x4 is ideally suited for reconnaissance, surveillance, liaison, escort, border patrol and police missions
      #Panhard VB2L

      The VB2L Is a VBL with a Long wheelbase
      The Blurb...
      There are two basic versions of the VBL: combat/ anti-tank with a three-person crew and armed with one 7.62mm machine gun; and intelligence/scout with a two-person crew and armed with one 7.62mm and one 12.7mm machine gun. The standard production VBL has a wheelbase of 2.45m, but the vehicle can also be built with a wheelbase of 2.7m, which increases the vehicle's internal volume.
      Fully amphibious, the VBL is propelled in the water by a single propeller mounted under the rear of the hull. It has a maximum water speed of 4.5km/h.
      Hope I have informed you somewhat.. :-patriot:

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        Future Command and Liaison Vehicle Selected


        UK Armored Vehicle Orders

        (Source: Alvis issued July 17, 2003)

        Alvis plc is pleased to announce that its UK subsidiary, Alvis Vickers, has today been selected as winner of the competition to supply the Future Command and Liaison Vehicle (FCLV) for the British Army.

        Subject to final contract negotiations, Alvis Vickers will receive a contract valued at around £200m to supply almost 500 MLV vehicles. MLV is a 4x4 high mobility light armored vehicle providing protection against small arms fire and mines. The MLV is based on the Iveco LMV vehicle which has been developed for a major Italian Army program.

        For the FCLV program Alvis Vickers will install UK mission equipment comprising principally a weapon station, armour pack and communication systems. MLV is a complete family of vehicles around 7 tons incorporating the latest automotive technology. It will be used in a wide range of Command and Liaison roles in the British Army, replacing a variety of older vehicles.

        The demonstration phase of the program will run until 2005, and series deliveries will take place between 2006 and 2009. This extends the firm UK order book of Alvis Vickers, the principal current element of which is the Engineer Tank System which will be delivered 2005-2007.

        MLV is a modular design which can readily be adapted to meet other requirements both in the UK and for export. Alvis Vickers has signed an agreement with Iveco which provides substantial rights in the export market. The prospects for additional sales of MLV beyond the core FCLV program are therefore good.

        The UK MOD also announced today that it would not be continuing with the Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (MRAV) program into a production phase as the vehicle is no longer considered suited to the changing requirements of the British Army.

        The UK will negotiate withdrawal from the program at the earliest opportunity. Any longer term role for Alvis in MRAV will depend on the plans of the German and Dutch partners. In any event it would be a small role in comparison to the work which would have been involved in building vehicles for the UK.

        Whilst the UK decision not to implement production of MRAV is a disappointment, Alvis needs to be flexible in the face of customer requirements changing in response to evolving threats.

        The UK MOD is in the process of launching a project for a new family of light/medium armored vehicles known as the Future Rapid Effects System (FRES), which will absorb some of the roles previously foreseen for MRAV. Alvis Vickers is well placed to play a leading role in this project, and success in this, together with work on FCLV, will provide a strong medium and long-term UK workload for Alvis Vickers.

        Moreover, both the FCLV vehicle and the FRES concept are perceived to be well attuned to the long-term requirements of the export market.

        Nick Prest, Chairman and Chief Executive of Alvis plc, commented:

        Winning FCLV is a demonstration of Alvis competitiveness and flexibility. It provides good long-term business for Alvis Vickers. Whilst the MOD’s decision not to take MRAV into a production phase is disappointing, Alvis’s prospects in the UK market remain very promising.



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          So is it the iveco model they are talking about? Not a bad machine,good survivability. There may be something about this in the archives somewhere..
          Could be an interesting pointer to where out stalled light armoured vehicle could go.

          Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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            there u go

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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              Thanks lads,

              I was on the 8Batt annual camp there and the ranger were giving us a talk. They told us that there were currently testing out the HUMVEE, I dont know if this means that the PDF are getting it?


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                nice site here:

                Probably saw it already!!


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                  with regard to yhe Mowag Eagles- the danish armed forces have decided that they are no longer to be used in urban areas as the visibility through the windows is too restricted. Also they have encountered difficulties off road due to the low ground clearance.
                  It would seem that the MLV (iveco) would be a better choice on the grounds of component commonality:-patriot:


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                    My sentiments exactly. Considering we use the Iveco in 2 other forms,and the type can be modified to suit the customers seems like the best machine for the job..

                    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                      like the look of the scarab.......anybody notice the passing resemblance to the Timoney or is it just my imagination.All probabilities point to the Eagle but like its big brother the Piranaha ....its too big for rural roads.
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                        Theres definitely some valkyr blood in the Scarab alright.
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                          Anyone know why we arnt buying from Timoney - they are an Irish company...Are they still producing? :-patriot:


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                            Yes Timoney are still designing and producing if required, if you like to take a look at my site, still in the making, but some details on past and current Timoneys



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                              Was watching clarkson the other night road test a humvee..not a bit practical. 6 litre engine,offroad it was doing less than 1mpg. Thats before you try and drive it and 4 only passengers down the narrow country roads(ie most military ones) of this and other countries.

                              Timoney still design,but do not build in this country. They were excluded from the APC competition as no prototypes were permitted. Probably for the better. While the old timoneys may have been ok at the time,why not leave this to the experts? The Piranha that was selected was based on a design first seen about 20 years ago,modified based on combat experience. Could timoney provide the same service?

                              Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.