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Mid Air incident.

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  • Mid Air incident.

    Air Corps probe emergency landing


    AN Air Corps investigation was underway last night into an incident involving a helicopter from the new €50m fleet after an emergency landing in Cannes.

    Two of the AW139 helicopters were on their way to Ireland from Italy when one of them flew into low cloud and had to land in France.

    Both aircraft, the first two of a four aircraft order, were to have landed in Baldonnel on Tuesday to be met by military personnel.

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    This was mentioned vuguely on the BB a few days ago, but was deleted for whatever reason!!!! So it's in the public arena now.
    I am aware of some of the details from a good source, which I will NOT post here as it is been investigated.
    As I understand it, it was a very serious incident indeed. Let's be thankful nobody was hurt.


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      We moved it to keep it out of the Public domain, and having this website used as a source for lazy journalists. Other websites may not have been as careful. Either way, there shall be no comment on the matter further, apart from what appears in the public domain.

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        Incident made it to two papers . The indo and the herald. A bit vague as to the circumstances of the incident .Are the French Aviation Authorities carrying out any sort of investigation.?