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AW139 pictures, including some air to air

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  • AW139 pictures, including some air to air

    Oh jesus the waltering has started..if one of these hits the will make the dauphin enquiry look like a parking ticket...nice photos..but again..they still bought the wrong machine. Bell 222s were being operated in this country twenty years Westair and Brian carpenter..we could have trained on that type of machine when most of the current pilots were still in nappies...we have taken such abig step back in time..we could have achieved the current status back in 1997 ..with second hand gear..too little too late...

    The DF will fail to exist as a credible force by the time we have deployable air assests.

    Looking at the TV3 report this evening we are back to the pilot shortage thing again when people are paying big bucks to go to south africa as opposed to Florida for flight how long before the new techno gods of The AC are enticed into the civil sector and deprive the AC of the skills to operate this type of machinery...and we end up with another induced tradgedy....

    I'm thrilled to see all those who love to watch green helos flying about so happy..but am old enough to remember the grey and red similar euphoria....hate to say it..but yeah buy in haste..repent at your leisure..ok it took us 7 years to decide..but a generation of flight crews have passed and the hard learned yester year may not be as sharp in the minds of todays peeps
    Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe