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Young Officers "Wings" Course

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  • Young Officers "Wings" Course

    Could someone explain who goes on this course. Is it a conversion course for existing AC pilots or is it for people who complete 15 months in the Military College and then decide on a flying career?

    As the name implies students on this course were 2nd Lieutenant's. They chose a flying career but completed the full cadet portion of their training in the military college and were commissioned. They then came to the Air Corps as Young Officers. If you asked me why change the type of course for 2nd Lieutenants the easy answer would be that it is "due to the exigencies of the service".

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    In times gone by the AC did not recruit directly for pilots and it was a percentage of the army in take of cadets were selected/ voluntered for pilot training ..but this finished in the early eighties with AC pilots now directly recruited as cadets..go through the military college and sent off to the AC on completeion of this part of the training.

    Used to be similar sitauation regarding Naval cadets ..went throught the Cadet school for the military education and indoctrination and only got back to being Naval cadets for certain periods. When passed out or commissioned were sent to dartmouth for the international sub lieutenants course and then went to see to train as watch keepers.

    So back to the AC....not really sure when it all changed but were seen as army officer cadets first...and passed on to pilot training if suitably quailified or interested.

    I am sure though that passing through the military college was a pre requisite to becoming a pilot.
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      The original AC cadets did the full Army course in the Curragh, which helped when they failed the Wings course and were returned to the Army and could then be integrated as standard Army Officers. These days, they do an abbreviated course, then go to the Don. If they fail the wings course, they do not automatically fall back into the Army. If the Don decides it can use a young Lt-sans-wings, they'll find another course/job for him/her or else they get shown the door. Saves on wastage on money/time/effort,etc.