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Helicopters over Dublin City

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  • Helicopters over Dublin City

    Today at about 3 30, I was on the South Circular Road in Dublin, when the sound of 2 Helicopters flying overhead caught my attention, Dispite the fact that they were moving fast I managed to get 2 snapshots on my compact digital, It just looked and sounded odd, as both choppers were clearly different types and together created an unusual rotar drone, they were heading roughly south west, which is the direction of Baldonnel, I include both photos here, , So, any takers on their identification and possible purpose flying together over the city ?
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    The silver(?) twin rotor one is probably one of these. Perhaps an R44

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    The larger dark coloured one is probably one of these

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      the darker coloured one looks like an Augusta 109 the other smaller one, looks like a Robinson R22/44
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        Wouldn't be the DF getting some publicity shots of the AW139
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          At this time of year?? Try getting a photographer to come in, let alone a pilot!


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            Those two helicopters were parked at leopardstown racecourse, they were taxiing(sp?) some sort of saudi royalty or some such over here to sample national hunt racing. they arrived together and left together, and they were staying at the citywest hotel, which is near baldonnel....
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              The large one is a Agusta A119 Koala (single engine version of the A109 with skids) and the Smaller one is a R-44. They are most likely the helicopters based at Citywest owned by Mansfield. I know that there is a Koala based there and a R-44. There is also a Bell longranger based there aswell.