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Provost 184 pics Leitrim

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  • Provost 184 pics Leitrim

    Took load of pics of this old IAC provost rotting away in Leitrim last August. Then had a camera mishap. These were salvaged. Not great, but may be of interest to a few people.

    Haven't attached photos before, hope it works!:redface:
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    How'd it end up in leitrim!??
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      I'd say it flew there....
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        Probably shot down by the locals, didn't recognise the strange, silver bird like object in the sky.
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          It was taken on loan and rescued with another one by the South East Preservation Group , headed by the legendary George Harvey, in Waterford in 1987 and was part of a collection they held up to 1999 which was passed on to a guy called Philp Bedford who got funding to set up the aircraft collection as part of the Dromrod Railway Museum Group.

          I was involved in the removal of the two Provosts..a Vampire and a Vampire Pod during the summer period of 1986.I have photos of its recovery from the fire looks a bit tired and rough again as do most aircrasft exposed to the elements but when she was refurbished in 187..she was almost perfect..will post up those pictures when i find them,

          There is also an AC Chipmunk there 173..which I was also part of the retoration team

          Does that answer your question?
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