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    G'day folks,

    has there ever been an attempt to create an Air Corps Reserve in Ireland? Not necessarily for the military missions, but to aid in such areas as SAR etc. Something along the lines of the US Civil Air Patrol, Coast Guard Aux Air, or Canada's CASARA?

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    no, and not likely to be for the forseeable future
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      Not a bad idea though.

      A Civil Air Patrol would be a great asset in monitoring coastal smuggling, aiding SAR missions,etc.

      I'm sure there are many aircraft owners who would like to assist with SAR, if given the chance (they could be provided with fuel by the State).

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        Agreed. With CAP in the US, and CASARA in Canada, the only financing required from government is fuel cost. Even the Jamaican Defence Force uses a similar model for their Reserve, utilizing local aero clubs.


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          We need more "lateral thinking" in Ireland !

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            By the way,

            Welcome to irishmilitaryonline, sarsteve.
            Your input is most appreciated.

            IRISH AIR CORPS - Serving the Nation.


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              Thanks. Actually made one posting about a month ago, but then got pretty busy.

              Its too bad, the actual savings for the government is significant. Also frees up strictly military assets for other missions. Much cheaper to use a C172 to coastwatch, then it is to use a CASA, which would be of better use farther offshore.


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                An Air Corp reserve was mentioned in the Steering Group Report on the FCA. 2 ideas were discussed - Reserve pilots and airfield defence (like the RAF Regiment). It was decided that the PDF could provide for both and there was no need for a reserve component to the Air Corp.

                Case closed for a few years.


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                  Fair enough.
                  However, a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) wouldn't be part of an Air Corps reserve, strictly speaking.

                  Also, I very much doubt that a CAP was ever considered before at government level. About time it was.
                  IRISH AIR CORPS - Serving the Nation.


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                    Actually, it'd probably easier integrate such an organisation into the Civil Defence structure. Would definitely pose fewer legal/defence forces type issues.

                    That said, I'm not sure too many plane owners would fancy painting their aircraft canary yellow!


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                      In the US, CAP is the official Air Force Auxiliary. The Coast Guard also have an AirAux.

                      In Canada, the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association provides fully trained crews and aircraft to augment the Air Force's SAR mandate. Not only do members crew light a/c, but they also crew military a/c as Spotters, trained by Air Force SarTechs etc.

                      There are many other examples where civilian "auxiliaries" work hand-in-hand with military assets in SAR work. Just look at the Caribbean, where virtually all SAR is done by volunteers. Australia and NZ are similar.

                      A "reserve" would not necessarily be required to be a fully military organization, yet would be fully capable of taking on the SAR role when required. I doubt there is anyone who can honestly say that the IAC is currently capable of effectively performing every mission that is required of it.


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                        I cant see the likes of Ryan Air,Aer Lingus etc etc letting pilots off for training as they are usually runn ragged.


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                          er, ummm...flying clubs provide the crews, not airlines.


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                            Thought I'd restart this thread.

                            Does anyone still think a CAP would be a good idea for an alternative to an Air Corp Reserve?
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                              CAP? What type? Wooly? Baseball? Flat cap? Shouldnt this be in the headgear thread?

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