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  • Publicity for the Air Corps

    This section of the board has come to a grinding halt, so in order to put any unpleasentness behind us, as quick as possable, wot about a daft idea?
    A good few years ago, 2FM ran a series of drive-in movies up at the former Park race course off the Navan Road.
    I was thinking [:D happens sometimes:D, seldom is wonderful:D ]
    what if they ran something similiar out in Bal'?
    Imagin the punters arriving thru' the main gate past lines of well turned out aircrafts[while we still have some] onto the airfield, for a classic avaition film on a bl**dy big screen, sound would be whatever crackin stereo is in your car, same as the Park had, let's face it there are very few cars now that do not have a half-way decent sound system.
    I would imagin that everything would be contracted out 'cept mayby any needed aircraft handling, as staff who have spent the week there would not be inclined to drag their a$$es in there on a saturday night.
    Ok, a burger bar, a hotdog stand, a bit of a shop selling Air Corps releated goodie's, and there you go.
    Oh yes, the films:
    Battle of Britain, Memphis Belle, Dambusters, Fighter Command, Reach for the Sky, Dawn Patrol, 633 squadron, Mosquito squadron,Blackhawk Down, Behind Enemy Lines,The Blue Max, Red Baron,[the latter two shot at this very airbase]and thou' probaly a bit hard to take at this location
    Top %^&*()£ gun. Ect, ect, ect......................
    There is even a half-decent chick flic Hanover street with Harrison Ford and Lesley Anne[get 'em] Down.
    The whole thing would be a lot cheaper to put on then an air show, proceeds could pay duty money to the aircraft handlers, and any profits donated to a suitable charity, [not the ossifers mess fund:D ] but the publicity would be helpful, at the very least.
    Turkey now dons tin lid and flak jacket and dives into carefully prepared fire-proof trench!!!!:D :flagwave:
    "We will hold out until our last bullet is spent. Could do with some whiskey"
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    Got the Dam Busters on DVD on friday it might be 60 years old but Man what a Film, Might be interested in seeing some of the others, The Bal might be a bit far away for me though
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