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    Could this be the answer we are looking for..... a few cheap Pave Hawks

    The U.S. Air Force is seeking a medium-lift helicopter as the service’s future combat search and rescue replacement for the HH-60G Pave Hawk. A development program will begin in FY04 or FY05. The $6 billion, 132-aircraft contract will not be awarded for at least three years, but airframers are already gearing up to compete. Based on its record with Britain’s Royal Navy and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, the EH101 is considered by industry analysts to be a strong competitor for that contract as well.

    I will be interested to see how the S-92 gets on considering that we chose it ahead of everthing else.

    What was wrong with the EH-101 has a proven track record

    HH-60G Pave Hawk Features
    The Pave Hawk is a highly modified version of the Army Black Hawk helicopter which features an upgraded communications and navigation suite that includes an integrated inertial navigation/global positioning/Doppler navigation systems, satellite communications, secure voice, and Have Quick communications.
    All HH-60Gs have an automatic flight control system, night vision goggles lighting and forward looking infrared system that greatly enhances night low-level operations. Additionally, Pave Hawks have color weather radar and an engine/rotor blade anti-ice system that gives the HH-60G an all-weather capability.

    Pave Hawk mission equipment includes a retractable in-flight refueling probe, internal auxiliary fuel tanks, two crew-served 7.62mm machineguns and an 8,000-pound (3,600 kilograms) capacity cargo hook. To improve air transportability and shipboard operations, all HH-60G's have folding rotor blades.

    Pave Hawk combat enhancements include a radar warning receiver, infrared jammer and a flare/chaff countermeasure dispensing system.

    HH-60G rescue equipment includes a hoist capable of lifting a 600 pound load (270 kilograms) load from a hover height of 200 feet (60.7 meters), and a personnel locating system that is compatible with the PRO-112 survival radio and provides range and bearing information to a survivor's location.

    A limited number of Pave Hawks are equipped with an over-the-horizon tactical data receiver that is capable of receiving near real-time mission update information.
    Unit Cost: $10.1 million (1992 dollars)

    HH-60G Pave Hawk Features HH-60G Pave Hawk Features

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    Pave Hawks were always my choice!

    Black hawks cost just under 5 million Euros a pop we should buy the Pave Hawk for SAR and black hawks for army co-operation after all if the DOD could of bought 12 black hawks for the price of the five S-91's, it seems a better deal by all acounts?


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      F**king board just ate my response again!

      Right I'm a bit angry at this stage but not at the poster's so don't take offense.
      The H-60's have a terrible safety record, they can only carry 10-14 personnell maximum, and the 10.1m quoted in 1992 (Prices have gone up) would probably get you an EC-725AL which can carry around 29 personnel and move a whole battalion in around 34 lifts, as well as carry more fuel and survivors.
      More helicopters means more techies and crew to operate them, say hypothetically in a politically different country with identical or even lesser resources and situation you might amalgamate the AC with half of one of the PDF, and RDF brigades and over the course of a decade gradually increase the number of technical personnel while converting the old AC elements into a tactical force, then you could have an aviation brigade with 20-30 H-60 types (With a maximum fo twenty in service) and another 9-12 Light helicopters as well as having to operate the other AC assets (NCO pilots would be needed), and a security force based mainly on the reserve components.
      Given that the state is not going to support such a warlike force, and that the current force structure could not make effective use of such a small M/L helicopter procuring 20 H-60s instead of 12 H-92's doesn't make operational and therefore long term value for money sense.
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      "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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        If Bud doesn't mind I might ask a related question over at Frank's
        "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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          C-Q that's fine by me. Saw on the net that the US were looking at replacing their Black / Pave Hawks with the EH-101.

          Its ability to carry troops, artillery pieces, light vehicles and bulk loads, means that the aircraft will be ideal for use with the UK Army's 16 Air Assault Brigade. The aircraft can carry a maximum load of 35 troops with support weapons. The maximum payload is 4,000 kg and Merlin has a maximum range of 1,000km, which can be extended by external tanks or by air-to-air refuelling.

          The Merlin Mk 3 has sophisticated defensive aids, is designed to operate in extreme conditions and is corrosion-proofed for maritime operations. All weather, day/night precision delivery is possible because of GPS navigation, a forward-looking infrared sensor and night vision goggle compatibility.

          And three engines!!


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            In a perfect world the Merlin would be my first choice by a mile mate, but to put it bluntly it's a pricey bastard.
            "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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              Surely Pat Cox could get us them on the cheap or..... We get EU cash for fisheries protection.... (the CASA's & NS) could we not chance our arm & get Grant aid for commiting to the ERRF!!


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                The US are also considering the EH101 as an interim replacement for the CH53 and Sea Knight until the troubled Osprey gets its act together.

                Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                  As I've mentioned before if even a portion of our M/l order was equipped with surface search radar it could be used for MPA and therefore the whole order would be eligible for EU subsidy.
                  Portugal is doing this already, fitting surveillance radar to 2 of it's 14 EH-101s on order.
                  "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke