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A-10 Sighting, South Tipp

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  • A-10 Sighting, South Tipp

    I came home from work on thusday and the brother told me that an A-10 had flown over fairly low at at 16:30 flying east to west. Might be on its way to the air show. Did anybody else see it?

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    I love the A-10....very impressive looking. It's not on the official line up for the airshow though, and if it were going to Salthill where would it be coming from flying so low?


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      "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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        shhhh..abbeyshrule AFB is supposed to be a secret..

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          well the secret is out now guys:(
          Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato

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            the secret been out for months thanks to that prick with the website

            the A-10s could be some kind of surprise for the airshow as indy media said some crape about A-10s doing loop de loops at salthill plus that they are going to protest at the airshow


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              I think the A-10 is the ugliest aircraft ever made,but it wasn't made to win beauty contests.The firepower of this aircraft is excellent for tank busting etc..It was nearly retired but the US found it was the best tank buster during the Iraqi war.


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                I remember seeing an A10 (or A10's) making shite of the side of the Information Ministry in Baghdad.....seeing that amount of firepower in action was an awesome sight.

                What the **** were the crusties protesting at Salthill for? It was only a day out not some military aircraft expo or something.


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                  Originally posted by John P Hannon
                  I think the A-10 is the ugliest aircraft ever made
                  well thay were called the warthog when they were first made
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                    A-10's Etc

                    So now that the Airshow is over i can say that the A-10's and F-16's were our secrets that i could not disclose unless you lot contacted me. I was not going to ever PM or anything like that as i also wanted to get to know you guys better.

                    The low level A-10 guys got clearence to go low level by Dub ATC for a bit of sightseeing and also for their own Nav training purposes. The A10's were from the same unit which had displayed last year as is the same with the f-16's.

                    Just this year we found out that an a-10 guy who flew in Salthill last year lost his life in a low level training accident shortly after last years show.

                    The 2004 Salthill Airshow will take place on July 4th "American Independence Day"

                    Hopefully when i ask you to contact me next year you might actually bother to do so as some board members got to see great stuff.

                    Anyhow back to work. :-patriot:


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                      In fairness to fox his secrecy was well founded. It was unfortunate that after contacting him I was unable to go. All reports say it was a great show. Well done to all concerned. It can only get bigger and better.

                      Crusties will go out of fashion soon...:-patriot:
                      Fail to prepare....prepare to FAIL!


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                        fox did you tell indymedia that it was a secert because thats how i found out.


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                          If you found out off indymedia why didnt you break the news then and when did you find out? What day?. If it was thursday that is when the a-10's did a few flyby's before heading to EINN, so when did you find out?:-patriot:


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                            indymedia had it on a few days before the show (ether thursday or friday) and i did mention that indymedia said something about A-10s doing loop de looops in salthill in this thread on the 5th.

                            i did not think that it was true at the time due to the fact that indymedia is very good at telling total BS!
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                              they prob just copped it cuz one of them was prob on the promenade as Panther 01/02 came down it at 30ft!:D