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Has the Aer Corp a future

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  • Has the Aer Corp a future

    What do you all think does the Aer Corp have a future,they have very little equipment,few troops and no reserve.
    CAN IT SURVIVE!!!!!!:flagwave:
    Aer Corp will survive
    Aer Corp will not survive
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    There are several ways of looking at this, so here's 2:

    [1] the Air Corps may not get the investment it requires, something which will have to be done fairly quickly, at least in the present term of what we laughingly refer to as a government. If this investment is not forthcoming then we will see all SAR been given out to private enterprise and the only present function to be preserved being the flyin bordello service, probally reconfigured at great expense as a pure civil operation. However since the elected shower see this as more important then health, or education it will be sold to the electorate as a wonderful idea.

    [2] By some amazing twist of fate, the fools we have elected to ru[i]n this country will come to their senses and start investing in this important service, with new helicopters, maritime patrol aircraft and, yes indeed those jets, and finally begin the process of changing the name to something slightly more moral boosting, such as Air Force.

    Either of these options would most likely mean the end of the name Irish Air Corps, no doubt there are others.
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      only as a mats service
      You're even dumber than I tell people

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        Notice the Navy and AC are more like the US Coast Guard than a military. The Army seems to be the only one who does anything military.
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          Yes its an uncomfortable situatiion, for te army to be of any real value it needs to suck up lots of defence funding to modernise, on the other hand it is at some stage going to need Naval and aviation support of some kind which the other services could not realistically provide in their current incarnations.
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            I was watching a thing on TG4 the other night about the Dutch politician who was shot outside the tv studio..
            Among his many radical ideas In the netherlands(send home refugees,disband the monarchy etc) was to disband the army and air Force and make them a part of the Navy. That way C&C could be much simpler..

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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              I was posted to Singapore for two years,they have the Singapore Armed Force which contains all three services,each service has its own uniform etc but makes funding a bit better,I think Canda lokked at this idea as well.They also have/had conscription.Their tanks and APCs are in Australia to give them room to train.