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  • Air Corps rescue

    Is it true that the Air Corps will be relieving the RAF of their air sea rescues around the northern coast. The reason is that I heard a rumour that 72 squadron, a helicoptor unit were being withdrawn from Aldergrove. Can anyone shed any light on the subject.

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    I know that there is talk about replacing the british Army Lynx's and Gazelles with a civie replacment in NI.It remains to be seen how this is going to work .As for the 72nd they had two Wessex heili's based at Aldegrove which were used for SAR as well as other duties.They had a very basic kit,no autohover but a winch,as far as i know they were VFR but i will stand corrected on that one, they were retired last year and not replaced.SAR cover has been supplied by the RN at Preswick,the RAF at Valley ,and the Irish coastguard at Dublin.As far as i know the IRCG get around one job a week in the Mourne mtns on average.When the finner aircraft was online it also did some taskings around the Portrush and Enniskillen area.Ihope this has been of some help.