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Historic Tempelhof to close

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  • Historic Tempelhof to close

    Berliners have failed to back attempts to keep open the city's historic Tempelhof airport, according to early referendum results.

    Just over 21% of Berlin's 2.4m voters opposed plans to close the airport, but 25% were needed for the non-binding vote to be considered valid.

    The airport's backers had hoped a strong vote would persuade city leaders to change their minds.

    The airport played a crucial role in the Berlin Airlift during the Cold War.

    Of those who voted, 60% were opposed to the closure while 40% supported it, but only 36% of the city's electorate turned out, leaving the no vote below the necessary threshold.

    And Berlin's mayor had in any case said he would push ahead with the closure regardless of the result.

    The BBC's Tristana Moore in Berlin says the results are a blow to members of the Save Tempelhof group, who had organised a slick advertising campaign over the past few weeks.

    The airport has been threatened with closure for more than a decade.

    The authorities want to close it in October to make way for a new international airport on the outskirts of the city, arguing that it has been running up heavy losses and is no longer viable.

    But, our correspondent says, campaigners claim Tempelhof is the ideal inner-city airport, catering for business travellers and short-haul flights within Europe, as well as saying it is a symbol of the city's history.

    Tempelhof is Germany's oldest commercial airport - and is claimed to be the world's third largest building, behind the Pentagon in the US, and Ceausescu's palace in Bucharest.

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    That's the joy of having a powerful Mayor,of the kind that Fianna Fail want to set up in Dublin.You give him executive powers and then he runs riot and look what you get, a guy willing to shut down historic care ful what you might wish for,etc...