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no radar at DUB!!

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  • no radar at DUB!!

    I bet it must be fun their at present

    Paris-CDG Air France AF5006 09-07-2008 13:35 Cancelled
    Reus First Choice Airline FCA8301 09-07-2008 13:50
    Luxembourg Luxair LG4887 09-07-2008 13:50 Delayed
    St. Mawgan Air Southwest WOW595 09-07-2008 14:05 Delayed 1713
    Biarritz Ryanair FR1983 09-07-2008 14:05 Delayed
    London-LGW Aer Lingus EI245 09-07-2008 14:15 Delayed 1439
    Warsaw Aer Lingus EI363 09-07-2008 14:15 Delayed 1506
    Krakow Aer Lingus EI369 09-07-2008 14:15 Delayed 1440
    London-LTN Ryanair FR333 09-07-2008 14:20 Cancelled
    London - Lcy Air France AF5117 09-07-2008 14:20 Delayed 1800
    Rome Aer Lingus EI403 09-07-2008 14:20 Delayed 1503
    Leeds Bradford Ryanair FR155 09-07-2008 14:30 Cancelled
    Manchester Ryanair FR555 09-07-2008 14:30 Cancelled
    Goteborg Ryanair FR953 09-07-2008 14:30
    Nantes Ryanair FR1987 09-07-2008 14:35 Delayed 1650
    London-LHR Aer Lingus EI163 09-07-2008 14:40 Cancelled
    Malaga Aer Lingus EI585 09-07-2008 14:40 Delayed 1509
    Blackpool Ryanair FR925 09-07-2008 14:40 Cancelled
    London-LGW Ryanair FR115 09-07-2008 14:45
    London-LHR Bmi BD127 09-07-2008 14:50 Cancelled
    Tours Ryanair FR2994 09-07-2008 14:50 Delayed 2020
    Paris-CDG Air France AF5000 09-07-2008 14:50 Delayed 1745
    Napoli Aer Lingus EI451 09-07-2008 15:00 Delayed 1509
    Dubrovnik Aer Lingus EI447 09-07-2008 15:05 Delayed 1559
    Amsterdam Aer Lingus EI607 09-07-2008 15:05 Delayed 1838
    Tenerife Ryanair FR7123 09-07-2008 15:05
    Galway Aer Arann RE234 09-07-2008 15:10 Cancelled
    Reus Ryanair FR1973 09-07-2008 15:15 Delayed 1550
    Carcassonne Ryanair FR1985 09-07-2008 15:15 Delayed 1710
    Birmingham Ryanair FR667 09-07-2008 15:15 Delayed 1630
    Faro Ryanair FR7033 09-07-2008 15:25 Delayed 1728
    Birmingham Aer Lingus EI273 09-07-2008 15:25 Delayed 1729
    Cork Ryanair FR9856 09-07-2008 15:35 Cancelled
    London-LHR Aer Lingus EI165 09-07-2008 15:40 Delayed 1613
    Kerry Aer Arann RE254 09-07-2008 15:40 Cancelled
    Southampton Flybe BE384 09-07-2008 15:50 Cancelled
    Prague Csa OK672 09-07-2008 15:55 Delayed 1715
    Manchester Aer Lingus EI205 09-07-2008 15:55 Delayed 1741
    Billund Ryanair FR873 09-07-2008 16:00 Delayed 1950
    Edinburgh Aer Lingus EI255 09-07-2008 16:15
    Donegal Aer Arann RE206 09-07-2008 16:20 Delayed 1705
    Cork Aer Arann RE624 09-07-2008 16:25 Cancelled
    Paris-CDG Aer Lingus EI525 09-07-2008 16:30
    Paris-CDG Air France AF5014 09-07-2008 16:35 Delayed 1930
    Liverpool Ryanair FR445 09-07-2008 16:40
    Berlin Aer Lingus EI333 09-07-2008 16:45 Delayed 1806
    London-LGW Ryanair FR1125 09-07-2008 16:45
    London-LHR Bmi BD129 09-07-2008 16:50 Cancelled

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    thats the 3rd time in past 2 weeks that their radar has gone down.
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      Been giving them trouble since last Wednesday, caused all traffic to go into a holding pattern north of Dublin...bye bye AD shoot (not that the AC were flying anyway)
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        They'll be eating their young in the terminal...


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          Have a listen online to the ATC chaos at:


          Scroll down and click on Dublin. I'm getting Approach, Ground, Tower and Clearance

          The airport is down to LVP's (Low Visibility Procedures)...One aircraft on the move on the ground at any time........oh I can just imagine chaos. Crews(flight and cabin) will be running tight on duty hours.


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            To make matters worse......Current Dublin Met report:

            METAR: EIDW 091530Z 09011KT 1200 R16/P1500 R28/P1500 R10/P1500 -DZ SCT001 BKN002 OVC003 14/14 Q1002 TEMPO 2000

            Decoded that reads:

            EIDW- Dublin Airport
            091530Z- Issued on the 9th at 15:30 Zulu time(16:30 local)
            09011kt- Wind 090 at 11 kts
            1200 Visibility 1200m - very low at 150kts
            R16/P1500 Runway Visual Range Rwy 16 plus 1500 meters
            R10/P1500 Runway Visual Range RWY 10 plus 1500 meters
            R28/P1500 Runway Visual Range RWY 20 plus 1500 meters
            -DZ Light Drizzle
            SCT001 Scattered Cloud at 100 feet, Scattered in aviation terms means 3 to 5 Oktas(eights) of the sky!
            BKN002 Broken Cloud at 200 feet,Broken Cloud is 5-7/8ths of the sky.
            OVC003 Overcast at 300 feet. 8/8ths.
            14/14 Temp 14/ Dew Point 14
            Q1002 QNH 1002 Millibars
            Tempo 2000 Temporary vis 2000m

            I don't envy those guys today. The RWY 10 decision altitude(CAT II)-land or go around, is 100 feet. That just happens to be the height of the cloud base today.

            Edit RVR's now down to 800m. Thats a 700m drop.
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              Fog is coming down in Cork at the moment. Last night many flights to Cork were being diverted to Dublin. As if they hadn't enough to do.

              Can someone put up the "CLOSED" sign.

              Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                Originally posted by Goldie fish View Post
                Fog is coming down in Cork at the moment. Last night many flights to Cork were being diverted to Dublin. As if they hadn't enough to do.

                Can someone put up the "CLOSED" sign.
                Well when you build an airport on top of a hill.....


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                  Story of development in Ireland really. They were trying to reduce the distances the planes had to go to reach cruising alt...

                  Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                    Know all about Cork Goldie! Shot many's an ILS in EI-CMT there while learning the ropes.Can be a lovely day at the Kinsale Road(Magic) Roundabout and you're in the soup once you get up the hill!

                    Cork only has CAT II ILS (used for lower visibility conditions) on the RWY 17 end. If theres a strong wind favouring 35, which only has a CAT I ILS, you're off to Shannon or Dublin for the duration of the bad weather.

                    I heard a rumour that 17 was being upgraded to CAT IIIC but I dont know what came of it. That would allow aircraft with the capability , to carry out full auto-landings, and solve some of the diversion problems


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                      I'm ment to be flying out friday morning, will it be fixed by then????(chews nalis)
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                        "Statement from Irish Aviation Authority

                        The Irish Aviation Authority wishes to advise the travelling public that in the interest of safety, air traffic control at Dublin Airport has restricted its operations to 50 per cent of its capacity. This follows the discovery of a technical fault with the air traffic control radar system at Dublin Airport. The situation has been further exacerbated by the bad weather currently being experienced today at Dublin Airport.

                        The Irish Aviation Authority is currently investigating the matter and would hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

                        For safety reasons, the Authority has decided to restrict flights in and out of Dublin Airport, which will lead to unavoidable delays. Intending passengers should contact their airline for updated flight information.

                        The Irish Aviation Authority would like to apologise to anyone affected by this and is working to fix the fault so as to minimise delays. The Irish Aviation Authority will provide an update on the matter when further information is available."


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                          The radar appears to be online again. They are vectoring aircraft for approach now(turning them according to their radar position to establish on Instrument Landing System). Departures remain procedural(as per published routes using navigation aids such as VOR's, DME and ADF).

                          The current delays appear to be knock on from the earlier problem, now compounded by the low vis conditions, which require minimum separation of 15 miles between aircraft.


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                            The TAF is forecasting an improvement over the next couple of hours:

                            EIDW 091615Z 091601 09013KT 3000 -RADZ SCT002 BKN005 TEMPO 1619 1500 RADZ BKN002 BECMG 1820 20008KT 9999 SCT007 BKN015


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                              Hi Guys

                              I was on duty yesterday for the whole ATC Disruption never seen anything like it but its is a compliment to the the DAA and airlines staff that worked tirelessly together so well under the stressful circumstances to assist passengers in the managment of situations. Fair play to all involved again.

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