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no radar at DUB!!

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    Sgt will know more, but I'd say that, given the availability of other airports it's very unlikely that they'd choose to rely on military radars and crews for such a huge undertaking. On the positive side it would be good training and great PR if there were a few units out there observing operations.
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      Originally posted by kermit
      It's going on for longer than that. It failed first about 5 weeks ago...
      I remember that, got delayed in Manchester for 5 hours... managed to get on the plane at midnight finally.

      I thought the pilot was making excuses but apparently not...


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        Originally posted by concussion View Post
        Flycatcher can be set up for air-control operations but has a limited range, the Giraffe is more powerful but I don't know it's capabilities. I reckon the systems would help but the crews wouldn't be properly trained in ATC ops and there's very little room in them for extra bodss I'm sure it wouldn't hurt by getting a few units out there and getting them working anyway, would be very good training for future operations.
        if its Transponder issues then neither the Flycatcher or Giraffe would be of any use to them. all that they will show is targets i.e. no identifiers, just blips on the screen.
        its a firmware issue apparently. the software was working fine.
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          Originally posted by The Blue Max View Post
          There going on strike this Monday or next Goldie?
          Last monday.

          Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.