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  • New GOC

    What is the general concensus on the new GOC ?

    Will he be the man to " sort out " the Air Corps ?
    IRISH AIR CORPS - Serving the Nation.

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    It all depends on how long he stays. To be fair,Pat Cranfield saw the Air Corps through its best and worst days,but felt powerless to do much about it. He was vocal about the requirements and the inadequacies of the Corps.
    Brig Gen Ralph James was a member of the 8th Regular Cadet "Wings" Course in 1974
    His predecessor had been commissioned in august 1962.
    Its hard to know what the New GOC will do,if anything. Thankfully his relative youth will mean he will not be able to sit in the position waiting for retirement as most of his redecessors have.
    Is there much that he can do? His predecessor was notable for the battles he lost. I make it about 20 years that he will hold the office.
    We shall see!

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      This months connect has more details on Brig Gen James..including:
      Born 1956 Templeogue Dublin.
      Joined Cadets in 1973
      Comissioned 1975
      Promoted to Commandant 1984
      C&S course in 1990
      BA(Hons) Business studies University of Glamorgan 1995
      Promoted to Lt Col 1996
      Promoted to Col in 2001

      Previous appointments include:
      OC Maritime Squadron
      OC Training& Transport Squadron,
      Wing Operations Officer
      OC Gormanstown
      Air Intelligence Officer
      OC No 1 Support Wing
      Chief Air Staff Officer Operations
      UNTSO 1986-1988
      Air Corps Co-Ordinator of Price Waterhouse Review,
      Member of Efficiency Audit Group,under Dept of An Taoiseach

      4500Hrs+ Including MATS and Maritime Patrol.
      Current Rating Beech SuperKing Air 200.

      Now maybe I am unfairly judging theman,but his recent involvement with MATS,PW,the EAG and Dept of Bertie would lead me to believe that he plays the politics game effectively..And will do exactly as Bertie tells him. His area of expertise..Fixed wing Multi engine,could also lead me to believe he would not be a fan of no interest in replacing the Alouettes or medium lift helis..
      We have a few years to see for certain..when do Generals retire? Why isnt he in an airline by now?

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        As far as I know, Brig. Gen's. go at 61, so he has a few years left.
        Thought Fry might have got it, think he's even younger thou', but a serious Rotorhead,mayby next time.
        Would'ent be too worried about people not going to airlines, thou' some of the good ones do get headhunted, you will always have a few who just don't want to leave the military.
        As for Gen. James, let's see how he gets on first ............a fair trial.........................then we'll hang him:D :D :D
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