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    Originally posted by easyrider View Post
    I'm sure the lads in Chad were chuffed to see an Air Corps helicopter in action, delivering a rugby ball.
    I'm sure they were. They got to watch the game live.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      So ya, what about that game of rugby? wow. one of the most intense exciting games i've watched in a very long time.
      Trouble, Trouble, I tried to chase trouble but its chasing me.
      Trouble, trouble, trouble with a capitol T
      do do do do do do do da do do do. etc etc......


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        Originally posted by turbocalves View Post
        i agree with the idea of PR for the DF, but one Heli looks rediculous....

        and fast ropin two bods is embarrassing they could have had a section of so, that would have looked better, with two lads they should parachuetd in....
        The lads are very busy this time of year.

        Chances are the 2 bods were all they could spare.


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          I do just fine at parties, thanks for asking.....I don't object to PR, even expensive PR, as long as it comes from a specific PR fund and not from the general Air Corps budget.Long after this event is over, someone will lose a slot on a course or even spares or kit, as a result of funds being spent on this. I served in the place thru several "cutbacks" periods and know first hand what happens when funds get squeezed.Favoured projects get looked after and the rest of the fleet and the personnel have to make do with less and less.Frankly, if the rugby community, or anyone else want the DF to show off, they can pay for it.
          rant concluded


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            Originally posted by GoneToTheCanner View Post
            I do just fine at parties, thanks for asking.....
            Just like a homing pigeon as I recall!! Damn those Tipperary taxi drivers!


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              Right, I've had enough.

              1. GTCC reel your head in. Money aint that tight yet and the 139s are well within their budget to allow a mission of this nature to occur. It isn't going to stop any courses to fall by the wayside.

              2. Generally great observations by all. Yes the mission was not representative of what the aircraft can do. For a start, they used one rope, not four. They used one crewman, not two. The arm can take two at a time. Therefore eight guys in the air at once. The reason for two has already been mentioned, to get the rope off the pitch (bloody thing weighs half as much as I do). It was never going to be a capability demonstration. As can be seen on the videos, the troops didn't hang around. I believe the figure is around eight guys in fifteen seconds but I stand to be corrected. Timing for the misson was everything and I think they got that pretty much right.

              It was a PR mission. Plain and simple. It had the desired effect. The risk assesment prior to the mission was extensive and took into account the problems with placing a helicopter into close proximity with 20 odd thousand people in a fully confined area BY NIGHT, doing a mission that it could not break away from in a hurry. The ground staff from the park, the gardai and the liasion staff on the ground did a fantastic job. What you didn't see would make you cringe.

              Feedback from Sarsfield is good in that it will positively reinforce their recruitment.

              Feedback from other souces indicates that at least people are aware of the capabilities of the DF in general. God help them if they are on the recieving end of a real fast rope mission. They may be in trouble.

              I was very impressed by the image created. I enjoyed the match more than the build up, but as was put by the commentators (paraphrase) 'whoever choreographed this should be working for the superbowl"

              Come on guys. The lads do what they are told and as is evident, do it well and do it safely. If it had not been for a few cameras at the lift in Wicklow, people may never have known about it. What makes it into the papers or even up here is no real perspective into what the Air Corps are capable of.


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                Originally posted by turbocalves View Post
                what a load of cock......

                1 minute to get two lads on the ground, i saw the RAF put 40 T/A lads on the ground in the same time,
                this was not a tactical approach? you must watch to much tv, with your 40 troops in one minute, it takes 4-5 seconds to get one troop on the ground, and thats with 4 ropes deployed, so the 40 troops you seen must of fell out of the heli? the air corps were requested to deliver the ball, and they accepted the offer, a little bit of pr goes a long way.they wanted the public to see what was going on with the heli, and give them time to take photos....... stop watching them war films?????


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                  (bloody thing weighs half as much as I do).

                  but scorpy you weigh next to nothing
                  It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you have.


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                    So it weighs half next to nothing then. Sometimes it's an advantage!


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                      I am having a kids birthday at the house next week do u think I might get the Heli to deliver the icec ream