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    Whenever a wishlist/requirement thread comes up about the Aircorps - the general consensus seems to be a requirement for more medium lift helicopters.

    I take it these are the NH-90/EH-101 size types.

    How many would the defence forces realisticaly need for operations at home - and perhaps overseas?

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    That should read ".. requirement for some medium lift helicopters." (the DF don't have any!)

    The PWC report & Special Report on the AC & NS recommended:

    4 x medium lift & medium range helicopters

    They were to allow for the rapid deployment of troops around the State on account of barracks closures and for SAR.

    Basically the helicopters would have capablilities between the AW139 & a Chinook (there are lots of types which fall into this category including Super Puma, S-61 and the 2 you have mentioned).


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      Say three deployed overseas, another three at home for training (aircrew, groundcrew, and army training, plus allow for deep maintenance). So minimum six.


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        The importand thing when selecting any Medium Lift heli, if we ever reach that level of expertise again is to specify that they not be fitted with anything other than bench seats for passengers.

        Seriously though, the future requirement could depend on whether the Air Corps ever intends to do SAR again. The trend worldwide is for military air arms to move away from anything other than a CSAR role.

        If they do not intend providing SAR cover then the choices of aircraft become much wider.

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          Then again, Chad and liberia have given the air coprs the experience of operating with medium lift helis and in Chad they're vital. Future missions are likely to be the same.

          Then again, they might opt to lease helicopters for service overseas.


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            i would more correctly they have given the army experience of operating medium heli...not so much the AC as an organisation.
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              Originally posted by paul g View Post
              Then again, they might opt to lease helicopters for service overseas.
              Then again they may cut the numbers serving overseas


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                Thanks for the feedback - As I generally deal with Naval issues, its good to be able to defer to here for AC.

                So the general consensus is that to provide a sufficient capability for AC medium lift we are looking at 4 airframes at a minimum, and 6 would allow for overseas deployment to somewhere like Chad where there is obviously a need for them.