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  • Prime Time report on Shannon

    As mentioned elsewhere,Primetime done a report on the current situation in shannon,and to be fair gave all sides equal chance to speak..i.e...recorded interview with the fella in charge of the protests,cutting him off before the viewer got too bored with his mindless conspiracist rhetoric..
    Latest claim that the NON military cargo aircraft are carrying explosives through Shannon...No evidence of course..but what else would Non Military US cargo aircraft be doing?
    A country that has some of the largest Military transport fleets in the world,and they decide to move munitions in civvy aircraft..
    Thas it lads..from now on all cash escorts should be done in yer own private cars!

    Anyway..for those who did not see it,there Followed an enlightening Debate between Biffo Brian Cowen.FF,and Gay Mitchell FG.
    Their arguements were comforting to hear. Biffo wants all stopover to declare if they are carrying personal weapons(as they probably point sending infantry 6000 miles and sending his weapons on after..even the UNIFIL contingents used to travel with their personal weapons).
    Also He said that the Government issued a waiver of the regulation that all civilian aircraft carrying troops must declare for the afghanistan attacks..could these aircraft still be making use of that waiver?
    He then went on to state that there was no doubt in his mind that The government would support any UN sanctioned action against Iraq by the US.

    However even more interesting,and probably what many of us have wanted to hear since the Emergency....
    Gay Mitchell stated,without any arguement from Biffo,that Ireland is NOT NEUTRAL, But it is NON ALIGNED. He criticised the governments inaction on this issue stating that ireland had the chance to be at the forefront of any new european security arrangements,but the government had allowed this oppertunity to slip by(EURRF perhaps?)
    Also he pointed out that ireland has no facility to Protect our supposed Neutrality. He mentioned the aircraft that departed Stockholm recently,that was a possible terrorist action..cannot remember the specifics..Either way if Ireland had even 1 hours notice of its impending arrival,we were powerless to do anything about it as we neither had the equipment to monitor it,or prevent its movement.
    He said the Government had let the Public down badly on this issue.

    Did I hear him right? Are FG willing to develop a proper air defence capability? If yes you Know who I'll be voting for next time round..not that I ever voted for FF anyway...:D (well I did give an FF candidate my no 11 vote..I gave the SF candidate my no 14 out of 14 candidates:D )

    Also on a related note...Peace loving parties announced the details of the big anti war protest next month in dublin..Guess whose sitting in the middle of them ..Good ole dove launcher himself Anus O snodaigh!
    Who would have thought that SF were so against war?

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.

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    The Fine Gael website used have a copy of their Security Strategy up, basically said we should unequivocally join a Common European Defence and Security Policy ... take our place among the nations of the earth and stop hiding behind the 'idea' of neutrality, Mitchells statements are not new, this has been the party position for quite a while.

    Reading Cowens remarks in todays Irish Times would lead one to believe that he has a similar opinion (16/011/03, page 14).

    As for Sinn Fein, maybe they're just jealous of anyone with a bigger private army than them?

    Oh yeah, theres a show on telly tonight about UNIFIL as well ...


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      To view the Prime time show online click the following links(in case you didnt believe me..
      Micheal Heaney reports on activity at Shannon Airport 56K
      Tim Hourigan, Peace Activist at Shannon Airport, discusses the movement of troops he has seen there 56K
      Brian Cowen, Minister for Foreign Affairs & Gay Mitchell, Fine Gael Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, discuss the issue 56K

      Believe it..if ye like!

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        The centre pages of the Irish Time again today have a piece on Shannon, views from both side so to speak. Roger Cole et al are on one side, on the other theres a Fg TD, an FF senator and our Israeli friend, Eyal Kless, (who's popping up all over the place at the mo). The last line of Kless's article is a stand out ...