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    Am trying to get my hands on a copy of Wings Over Ireland.

    If anyone knows of a copy on sale anywhere I'd appreciate it, not even the publishers Midland have any left.


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    Have been working on this for a while, will post any results I get.
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      Now its not gospel but I think I was looking at a copy of that in Easons Patrick st,Cork this weekend..still in its Jacket..I couldnt even get a free read...

      Maybe somebody in Cork city could confirm this for me?
      It was in the Irish History section,Near books about the Irish Guards In the corner?:confused:

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        cheers rang Easons in Cork but they said they didn't have any.


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          It appears to be available on the Easons website.


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            That's great thanks I've ordered it online.


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              surprise they've come back to say its out of print & they can't get any copies anywhere

              any other suggestions would be welcome


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                try a wanted ad on buy and sell
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                  I got my copy (a few years ago) at an Irish Militaria Collectors Club meet in Dublin. The guy I bought it from ran a model plane shop somewhere in town and had a stall at all the IMCC meets .

                  These club meets are usually advertised in the Buy & Sell paper, and are open to the public.
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                    I have two new copies of this publication available. Please send reply to my email address for more info. Will deal with replies on a first come, first served basis.
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