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    Irish Air Corps takes delivery of Mechtronix Full Flight Trainer(TM)

    Wednesday, Dec 16, 2009
    Mechtronix Systems Inc., a division of Mechtronix World Corp. (MWC), the fastest growing and third leading provider of flight training equipment in the world, today announced that the Irish Air Corps (IAC) took delivery of a Full Flight Trainer(TM) (FFT(TM)) at its training facility based in Baldonnel, Co. Dublin Ireland. The Air Corps College, a training division of the IAC, plans to use the FNPT configured as a twin turboprop Beech King Air B200 for its pilot cadet program to provide Multi-Engine Instrument Rating, Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) courses in normal, abnormal and emergency conditions. In addition it will be used as the platform for all IAC pilot MCC and CRM training. This project is part of a wide investment plan for training which also includes a building to host the newly acquired simulator.

    The FFT(TM) features a 220 x 55 degree multi-channel visual system, Weather Radar, FMS, GPS and a Redifun Simulation Inc. (RSI) Image Generator that will provide its users with exceptional fidelity. Its semi-enclosed instructor operating station area provides for easy interaction between instructor and student. The visual and sound generation systems included in the unit are compliant to Full Flight Simulator Level D standards. The B200 cockpit delivers a high fidelity flight experience with 100% of the touch and feel of real aircraft avionics parts. The Irish Air Corps just deployed the unit and will be seeking FNPT II MCC qualification under EASA JAR FSTD A regulations.

    "We are very pleased to have taken delivery of Mechtronix' simulator and see this key purchase as a way to alleviate travel costs to other training centers all while being able to offer training on modern state-of-the-art technology. This simulator purchase is a cost effective solution for our pilot training", said Jim Gavin, the IAC's Project Manager. "The FFT(TM) will help us optimize our training curriculum and support our expansion plan. Mechtronix had a complete offer that met our criteria based on superior technology, high fidelity platform, performance and reliability."

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