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Aer Arann plane forced off course!

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  • Aer Arann plane forced off course!

    Aer Arann says that two military
    aircraft were detected near one of its
    planes, forcing it to move off its
    flight path this afternoon, shortly
    after take off from Edinburgh Airport.

    The company has said that on-board
    equipment detected the two planes.

    Scottish Air Traffic Control advised
    the pilot of Aer Arann flight RE464 to
    descend immediately to a lower altitude
    as a precaution.

    The plane landed safely at its
    destination, Cork Airport, at 15.45.
    None of the 32 passengers or crew
    suffered any injury.

    - Aertel
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    Shortly after takeoff from Edinburgh? So these were RAF then?
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      'Suppose it could have been the Scottish national liberation air force:D :D :D
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        Terror as plane dives to avoid UK military jet

        Ralph Riegel
        The Irish Independent
        AN Aer Arann plane appeared to dive steeply off the Scottish coast, terrifying passengers, who were told subsequently by the pilot that a British military jet had flown across the path of the plane.

        The Irish plane was obliged to undertake the violent manoeuvre to avoid the other aircraft after take-off from Edinburgh Airport yesterday.

        British aviation authorities confirmed last night that an inquiry is now under way into why the plane, a Franco-Italian built ATR 72, operating a flight from Edinburgh to Cork, was obliged to avoid the other jet.

        Passenger Dave McDonald praised the Aer Arann pilot and crew for their cool professionalism - but said passengers were terrified when the turboprop aircraft suddenly went into a steep dive.

        "We left Edinburgh about 2.30pm and just as we were crossing the Scottish coast, the plane went into a sharp dive," Mr McDonald explained.

        "We recovered from the dive and just then the pilot came on the intercom and told us we had been involved in a near-miss with a British military jet which had been at our level and flew across us from right to left."

        There were about 50 passengers aboard, who were very upset by the incident.

        The British National Air Traffic Control last night that their understanding of the incident was that the Irish plane was merely manoeuvring to maintain normal separation distance from the British aircraft.

        A BNATC spokesman said that at no time was there a risk of the aircraft colliding.


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          As usuall this has been blown way out of proportion by the press


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            A girl I know was on the flight,and said the nose dive was quite dramatic.
            She shit herself soon after apparently..

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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              No such thing as bad publicity!
              Keep the speed up...!


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                Was in Cork Airport that evening and saw it the plane land and they did look shaken coming off that plane
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