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  • Life in the Air Corps

    Hey guys,
    I'm considering joining the Air Corps in a few years but I've found it hard to get any information on what kind of work you'd be doing there. i was wondering if anyone could share their experiences of the Air Corps here or what they know about it? I've also heard that you do very little flying. Is this true?
    thanks guys

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    Hi there,
    If you are still in school, get your Careers Guidance teacher to arrange a visit to Baldonnel. All it takes is a letter to the Station Commander's Office.You can also get such info direct from the DF Public affairs/PR people. There are many different trades and professions in the Don, not all of which are directly aviation-related.


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      It depends on whay you join as. Technicians do very little flying, pilots and aircrew, obviously do more. Again, depending on your career path even as a pilot, your hours will vary. Helicopter pilots generally do lower hours than CASA pilots, for example, but the average is still well above the current NATO average of 120 Hrs a year. As a guide, 15 years of service should see you over 3000 Hrs as a pilot.


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        Thanks 4 the info so far guys, any ideas about what a pilot would b doing whilst not in the air?