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  • Enlistment?

    I'm sure you've had a few people coming on to get information about joining, well here's another...

    Let's start out by saying that I have heard the PDF aren't recruiting, I don't live under a rock!

    To cut the story short (because I'm guessing you don't give a rats rear end), I've been in love with flying my whole life, especially air ambulance, surveillance, transport and just about everything the AC does!

    Here are the questions

    1. Does anyone have any idea when the PDF will take recruits again?
    2. Will I get to choose rotor/fixed wing (I'm a devout rotorhead myself! )
    3. Will having a small number of flight hours add to my application?
    4. Will we get trained to a recognized standard (PPL, CPL etc?)
    5. If I enter as a cadet, will I still be trained to fly?

    Thanks people ,


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    1. You answered that yourself the answer can be found by using the search function

    2. Not sure but I think it is down to aptitute and need.... .rotor wing is a lot harder I'm told

    3. There are mixed views on this, try the search function

    4. Yes ... I think it is called JAR/Ops or something like that it is an international/EU standard

    5. Being an AC cadet is the only way to learn to fly (a manned aircraft) in the DF, but not all AC officers are pilots some will be tech officers (eg engineers, ATC etc) and possibly some general duties.

    Welcome to the board


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      Originally posted by Adam View Post
      5. If I enter as a cadet, will I still be trained to fly?
      Adam, entering as a Cadet is the ONLY way you will learn to fly in the Air Corps - all the pilots are commisioned officers. I know your thread is called enlistment, but sure as you probably know yourself enlisting in the Air Corps means becoming an apprentice and learning a trade (i.e. ground crew), not what you're looking for really. There hasn't been a cadetship for Air Corps officers run in quite a while, so maybe they will run one soon. Best of luck anyway!

      (It goes without saying that is always an advantage to have some DF experience going in - some RDF units are taking on recruits, so if you're not in already, join up while you are waiting for the Air Corps)


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        Keep to the thread all


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          hello Adam

          good luck in your decision to be a pilot.

          i hope you don't have to wait too long.

          i didn't realise you had to be an Officer to pilot aircraft in the Irish Aer Corps?

          ...Once a Rifleman - Always a Rifleman... Celer et Audax

          The Rifles


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            Potential recruit?

            ......You can almost hear RGJ "Swoop"


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              Looks like you do need to be a cadet, just found a page that I've never seen before on

              Defence Forces personnel lead a "Life less Ordinary". All aspects of military life are varied and for each member of the Force each day may bring a new challenge.

              Thanks for all the replies!