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    The regs are fairly clear about the wearing of awards, decorations and badges from foreign forces, but the local and social interpretation of certain awards or badges, even if they are covered by the appropriate regs might discourage the wearing of the badge. For instance, I have been awarded two sets of wings, one FF set and one with a crown on them. While I don't feel an over riding desire to wear the second set, if the regs and extra conditions cover it, how would DF members feel about a badge with a crown being displayed on the uniform?

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    If it is Irish (FF?) wings there shouldn't be a problem with them being worn, the department to check with is DCOS!


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      I'd feel reassured that I wasn't dealing with someone with subversive sympathies.
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        can anybody identify the wings badge this operator is wearing please??

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          Probably Osh Kosh B'Gosh !!


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            Dunnes Stores?????????