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  • NATO Interoperability

    What's the general feeling on the Air Corps redesigning it's training approach to become more NATO oriented. It currently does things pretty much in the vein of 'it's always been like that, and it works anyway so don't change it', but I think that since troops are likely to be (and are) involved with NATO air assets in peace support missions, they should get training before deployment that will exactly reflect the type of procedures they will encounter overseas.

    If so, does anyone have any links or documents that may be useful to give weight to this argument?:-patriot:

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    It's currently looking very unlikey that the Air Corps would be in any position to deploy overseas, so there would seem to be very little need for them to adopt NATO training practices.
    There is as you mention a need for ground troops to gain experience of working with NATO air assets. I have heard that they may be doing just that in Liberia, in fact.