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  • Aviation engineering course

    Hi, im looking for some thoughts on the course found in the link below. GTTC, i would be especially like to hear your thoughts on it. It is a bachelor of engineering in aviation course, just new this year. A fouga is among one of the aircraft in use by the College.Thanks

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    Originally posted by pilatus View Post
    It is a bachelor of engineering in aviation course
    The fact that it's a 3 year course and the award is a BEngTech indicates that it is a level 7 course (ordinary degree/higher certificate level), despite it being listed as level 8 on the DIT website.


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      Hi there,
      You do some of the EASA B1 modules but they don't really have any value without the required OJT, which is a minimum of six months. What happens is that people go to Shannon Aerospace for OJT with the lads in the hangar and find that, in some respects, they are way ahead, especially on theoretical stuff but on the other hand, they couldn't be trusted to tie a shoelace, as they don't have the required tool/hand skills that an apprentice would have. In effect, it's neither fish nor fowl as it's not an apprenticeship but it has apprentice qualifications (ie, A/B1 modules). They do have a very good Avionics workshop, though and the boss man is a gent and very enthusiastic. They do have a Fouga, (220), a Rallye, plenty of engines, avionics, aircraft pieces and are getting an R22 and a Cessna 152. Best to go and talk to the Boss, Gerald Gibbs.


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        Is there a difference (career wise) between doing an apprenticeship and going purely to college (eg DIT)?

        What is the difference (career wise) with say the UL degree?