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u.f.o's do they exist?????

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  • u.f.o's do they exist?????

    Manchester Near-miss
    During February 1996 a British Airways Boeing 737 was flying from Milan to Manchester carrying sixty passengers. As it descended through 4000ft on its approach to Manchester airport it was overtaken by an object which was travelling at high speed and came very close to the airliner.
    The Captain, Roger Wills, said that the UFO was emblazoned with small white lights and possibly had a black stripe down one side. He said it flashed silently down the side of the airliner so close that his co-pilot, First officer Mark Stuart, involuntarily ducked as it went by.

    The pilots were so concerned about the near-miss that they filed formal air-miss reports. The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) launched an investigation and after a year they concluded that they could find no likely explanation. Incidently there had been three similar reported sightings since 1987 which had also baffled the CAA.

    The Captain and First officer were certain that the object was solid and that it wasn't a balloon, model aircraft, or Military Stealth aircraft.The pilots said that there was no apparent sound or wake from the object. A witness on the ground, Mark Lloyd, said he had also seen the craft and he described it as follows:
    'It was triangular shaped but it had depth to it, it was not just a flat object. This was triangular shaped and rounded off at the rear.'

    One theory put forward was that it may have been a foolhardy individual in a microlight, which would match the shape of the object. Although talks with microlight experts thought it improbable saying the darkness, strong wind, and terrain would have rendered such a flight almost suicidal.

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    A guy I used to work with saw unusual lights in the sky one night at about 4am. He watched it for a while and it disappeared very fast.
    He rang Baldonnel next morning ,thinking that they would tell him to get lost, but they took him seriously. They took his phone number and returned his call, saying they could find nothing on radar records to explain what he saw.

    Aithough, perhaps they were just being polite to him :D
    IRISH AIR CORPS - Serving the Nation.


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      Doubt they really exist, but rest assured, they'll have to put up with the mighty Irish Air Corps if they start shit stirring. They'll wish they never hovered over us when they see the PC-9's approaching! :p


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        Trust no-one!
        The Truth is out there!
        and anal probing can only prove so much!!!
        Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil...prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon...


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          TIM I hope your not talking from experience when you speak about anal probing

          There is no doubt that aliens exist, the universe is just too vast, but as much as I would like to believe they really have visited, I'm afraid I've yet to be convinced. :(


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            Aliens do exist and live amongst us. They can be seen in Club M every saturday night :D
            You're even dumber than I tell people

            You might have been infected but you never were a bore


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              Aliens do exist, as soon as they reach Earth, they are assimilated into the Fianna Fail party.:D :D :D
              "We will hold out until our last bullet is spent. Could do with some whiskey"
              Radio transmission, siege of Jadotville DR Congo. September 1961.
              Illegitimi non carborundum


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                newby, what a waste of bandwidth posting idiotic messages about aliens!!


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                    UFO = Unidentified Flying Objects.......

                    Of course they exist....... A person could easily see something in the sky and not know what it is......

                    That doesnt automatically mean it is an Alien space craft from dimension X............ LOL


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                      I saw some mad stuff in the sky one night myself, it flew by about 7 times (each time at a different trajectory) and could be heard swoshing by. It was about 6-7 years ago about 2:00AM, but it definately happened and I can remember it in detail.
                      I don't know what it was, but I keep an open mind ever since.
                      I used to think all the UFO crap was bollix, but I'm of a different mind now. I'm not claiming there are aliens mucking around, but something was in the sky.

                      The description:
                      Luminous Silver-like disc shape, surrounded by a pale yellow glow.
                      Made a deep whoshing sound, time period of event was less than 5 minutes. Counted 7 sightings after each other in this period, never more than one in the sky at once (so probably only one unit).
                      Very calm night with reasonable visibility, have no idea what the size was, as there was nothing to compare with in the sky.
                      There appeared to be two "tails" of a thruster,... perhaps a trick of the light?

                      So I don't know what to think, but it was no aircraft.
                      So don't pull the piss now that I've told you Aer Corp Chaps about it,.... and no it was not the moon!!


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                        Thousands of UFO's are reported every year in every country of the world, airline pilots make the most sightings, just as in WWII allied bomber and German fighter pilots reported seeing Foo Fighters, it wasn't until after the war ended that it was realised until after the war that they weren't secret weapons the other side was developing as had been assumed. Jimmy Carter the former US president reported seeing a UFO in the early 1970's, and he was a us naval officer before he became a peanut farmer. In many cases they are easily explainable, weather baloons, planets, and all sort of things that look strange but aren't, the stealth fighter when it was secret was often reported as a UFO. However there is a significant numbers iof reports that cannot be explained away.


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                          let the gang probing commence!


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                            Maverick, that is just so insensitive. There are abductees out there that would be be very upset by that comment. I was gang probed once, when i was in dimension X, and i tell you, it was not a very pleasant experience!!!


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                              The answer is out there
                              IRISH AIR CORPS - Serving the Nation.