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    Hey everyone,

    I know the current round of competitions for cadetships are over is was just wondering how many of the 30 places went to air corps cadetships, it said on the competitions form that is was for pilots do they look specifically for fixed/rotary wing pilots or how does it work?

    I was going to apply for an Air Corps cadetship this year but being in my final college year exams i opted out, well theres that and also i would like to work a little more on my overall fitness and what not...

    I'm not trying to canvas in any way just would like to know a little more about the process if thats possible, i'm 26 now will be 27 by the time the competitions open up next year if there are any that is, i know its inside the age limits but realistically is that too old?

    Any advice/information much appreciated and i understand if theres anything you'd rather keep to yourselves...


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    I don't fly with the air corps but on the Defence Forces website there was a thing saying a guy who was around 27 who used to work for intel joined up and that was ok. I personally would go for it if you want to also all pilots ar intially trained on the pilatus PC-9 I believe and then you select what you want to fly.