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Cost of Luxuries on Govt Jet.

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  • Cost of Luxuries on Govt Jet.

    Jet chocolates cost nearly as much as Larkin’s bill

    By Jim Morahan
    CHOCOLATES scoffed on the Government jet in 2002 cost nearly as much as Celia Larkin’s annual bill while she was the Taoiseach’s official partner.

    Handmade and exclusive, the chocolates came to €1,264 that's €1.62 for each individual serving of two in a presentation box.

    During six years of official foreign engagements with Bertie Ahern, Ms Larkin claimed €8,084.26 in expenses, or €1,300 a year, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

    By contrast, in-flight catering on the Government jet for ministers and civil servants reached almost €100,000 last year.

    Ministers and senior officials ate and drank their way through €85,000 worth of sandwiches, snacks, alcoholic drinks and beverages en route to meetings around the world. The bill for drinks came to €18,256.

    Ms Larkin visited every continent, accompanying Mr Ahern on 25 separate trips abroad a total of 155,936 air miles.

    To recoup her expenses, Ms Larkin had to apply formally to the Department of the Taoiseach to get her money back.

    A statement from the department said total expenses of €8,084.26 claimed by Ms Larkin from April 21, 1998 represented claims in respect of foreign travel undertaken by Ms Larkin.

    On the Government jet last year, €5,160 was spent on hot towels and other hygiene products and on toiletries which included aftershaves and perfumes. That amounts to €26 an hour for every one of the 86 hours the jet was in the air.

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    Reminds me of Marie antoinette....whose reply to a servant saying the poor had no bread replied "let them eat cake"
    Fail to prepare....prepare to FAIL!


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      And here's me thinking I was doing well with Milk Tray.....
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