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RAF Nimrod and SAR off West Coast

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  • RAF Nimrod and SAR off West Coast

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    Its quite common for RAF Nimrods to give overhead cover for long range SAR taskings from Ireland.


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      I've even seen one contribute to fishery protection!
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        The question is,what is the Nimrods primary tasking,now that the Submarine risk in the GIUK gap has evaporated. Is it an SAR asset? The CASA Is Fishery Protection first with SAR as a secondary role,but it lacks the legs of the Nimrod.
        They have been doing Top Cover for all SAR in the british Isles for some time though...

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          It is quite common for cooperation to exist on SAR missions - it is usually a matter of whoever is able to carry out the task ASAP. AFAIK CASAs have acted as top cover for Irish and British Coastguards helicopters aswell.

          All the Nimrods are being upgraded and are likely to take up a more reconnaissance than MPA / ASW role. Like the Australian "P-3s" in Afghanistan. All the UK Canberra EW / PR models are expected to go in 2005.
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