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Attack / Fighter Aircraft on the Cheap

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  • Attack / Fighter Aircraft on the Cheap

    I found this while perusing yahoo news this morning:

    if we pass the hat , who knows? :confused:
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    Theres aircraft like this, mainly in need of upgrade, in storage or just lying in the sun all over the States and elsewhere

    About 5 years ago the USN started dumping aircraft at sea because they didn't have room to store them, think they were A-6 Intruders


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      A-6 intruders are not F/A 18 Hornets. The hornet is actively deployed and I believe the intruders are going out of service.

      Most planes that are not currently used get moved to mojave for storage


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        Originally posted by c22910
        A-6 intruders are not F/A 18 Hornets. The hornet is actively deployed and I believe the intruders are going out of service.
        Only the EA-6s are left (with no immediate replacement in sight, although a EF/A-18 is suggested), all the others are long gone.

        I suspect the ones dumped at sea had been stripped and the bodies were being used to create artificial reefs or diving "targets".
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          Was the E3 Viking doing this job for a while?

          Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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            Goldie, I presume you're referring to the EA-6B's ECM role?

            The ES-3 was only ever built in small numbers (16) and was mainly focussed on ELINT/SIGINT work. The two squardons (EQ-5 and EQ-6) were disbanded a few years ago and the aircraft taken out of service. I presume EP-3Cs are doing the work now.


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              The point is, these were useful aircraft that were available


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                You'd never believe how much debate has been had on this board on that simple word ...


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                  Austrian Air Force Leases 12 Swiss F-5E “Tiger” Aircraft


                  The Austrian Air Force Leases 12 Swiss F-5E “Tiger” Aircraft

                  (Source: Swiss Department of Defence, Population Protection and Sports; dated March 9, 2004)

                  (Unofficial translation by

                  To unfailingly ensure the security of its air space until delivery of the fleet of Eurofighters it has on order, the Austrian Air Force have leased 12 F-5E “Tiger” combat aircraft from Switzerland. The four-year contract will cost Austria 14 million euros per year.

                  The Austrian Defence Minister, Mr. Gunther Platter, announced on Tuesday (March 9) during a press conference in Vienna that the contract offers best value for money of all the options under consideration.

                  The head of the Swiss Department of Defence, Population Protection and Sports, Federal Councilor Samuel Schmidt, expressed his satisfaction at the deal’s conclusion. The fact that the deal was concluded in a short time is a measure of the good relations between the two defense ministries.

                  In addition to provision of the 12 aircraft, the contract also covers logistic support for a main operating base and for a secondary base, and also defines maintenance and training aspects. Training of the first four Austrian pilots and of maintenance personnel, and delivery of logistic equipment, is to be completed by the end of 2004.

                  Minister Platter told reporters that Austria’s fleet of [SAAB] Draken combat aircraft will be retired by the end of 2005. To ensure unfailing surveillance and protection of Austrian air space until the Eurofighter is delivered beginning in 2007, an interim solution was required. The F-5E package offers by far the best cost/performance ratio of all options considered.

                  Switzerland’s close proximity offers major advantages for logistic support. In addition, the simple design of the American-manufactured F-5E will allow Austrian pilots to quickly transition to the new fighter.



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                    We should be LEASING aircraft to be honest!