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  • Originally posted by Sparky42 View Post

    Relatively speaking, how risky is such patrols with modern Single Engine planes? Also Christ the PC12s must be racking up the hours at this stage?
    Remember when the PC9M had an engine failure some months back? It had enough altitude to glide back to Bal. With the mountains on the SW coast and the prevailing winds, you'd be sweating before you reach Cork Farranfore, or Shannon.
    There's a reason single seat fighters have ejector seats with an inflatable raft under the seat. Ditching off the SW coast would be very risky for al concerned, this time of year. Were they wearing drysuits in the cabin just in case?
    For now, everything hangs on implementation of the CoDF report.


    • The chances of surviving a ditching in a PC-12 are slim. It's not designed for rapid egress and the best you could consider is to try to force land on a beach, if you could make it as far as a coastline. It reminds me of the change from Alouette to Dauphin for the same reason. There were several close calls with the Alouette when engine issues arose. There's good reason why Maritime operators specify two engines as a minimum.