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  • Aer Corps Museum

    I remember hearing a while back about the possible setting up of an Aer Corps Museum. Was wondering how far that idea got, where has it been set up and what aircraft they plan on having.
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    The Museum has been set up , there was an article in An Cosantoir about it recently, but opening times and public access have yet to be decided.
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      Aircraft & Equipment on display in the Air Corps Museum:

      Avro 19 (photography & various)
      Provost (trainer)
      Miles Magister No34 (trainer)
      Chipmunk (trainer)
      Fouga Magister (light strike, jet trainer, display team)
      DH Vampire (jet fighter / trainer)
      Merlin Spitfire engine
      Replica of Wright Brothers' aircraft built by AC


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        I don't know if anyone cares about this place, but it is about to be closed Does anybody have room for a Bucaneer?
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          The Marchetti will probably appear there too once the PC-9's take over...
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            What about the heli's when they are decommissioned? They definately deserve a place.
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              Who said anything about decomissioning? Those helicopters will be put beyond use :D
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                Has anyone heard if this has been opened to the public yet ? Am I right in saying it is in Baldonnel ? Thanks.
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                  It's in Baldonnel alright, dunno if it's open to the public though.
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                    Pity the Museum is not given some funding by the govt and properly established, i.e. open to the public.

                    It would be a great tourist attraction.

                    The newly-updated Flying Boat Museum in Foynes is expected to put €6 million into the local economy - per year!
                    IRISH AIR CORPS - Serving the Nation.


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                      There was another museum group with aer corps examples..couldn't even get local funding....why should any aviation museum get funding..if its nothing to do with the famine or the war of independance...nobody gives a flying fcuk!

                      I gave a long time working with this my teens and just was so neglected....the foynes museum is a joke..they haven't even got a real aeroplane....

                      when we are all dead and buried it will dawn on the relavent government that there was a heritage to be preserved..shit it has only taken about 800 years to sort out the skeligs..i rememeber knocking lumps of them with a rheinmetall for a former presidents pleasure a few years back@!
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                        I remember seeing a PBY Catalina hull in Weston.....theere may be another museum project wanting the go there.
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                          Jaysus & old chestnuts

                          Either way, it's still, always has been, AIR Corps, Ireland doesn't have an AER Corps.

                          I've been to the don museum, pretty good.

                          Was in Dromod in Leitrim recently at a railway museum, and there the guy has air Corps Provost 184.
                          The bits of a IAC Vampire.

                          Fuselage of a IAC Chipmunk.

                          707 cockpit and a DC 4 (or 7 can't remember) fuselage.

                          All sitting in the rain.


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                            Was here last week....

                            Well worth a visit if you are in the Edinburgh area, cheap too.

                            Has a few types similar to those used by the Irish A.C.

                            Strangely lacking in helicopters, though the Phantom, Sea Harrier, Tornado etc more than make up for that.
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                              "707 cockpit and a DC 4 (or 7 can't remember) fuselage"

                              its a DC7c..formerly G-AOIE c/n41154....he I help move it to Waterford and reassemble it over a few years to complete Statrus. It had sit in the Fire dump in shannon since 1974.

                              The Provost..and a vampire were rescued from Baldonnle in 1986 and again transfered to Waterford

                              The Dove was privately owned

                              An the Boeing 720 fuselage was brought from Dublin by road.

                              The collection was owned under the auspices of the south east aviation enthusiasts..headed by a guy called George Harvey.It was satation at waterford airport until about 1996 and then was in New Ross and then was taken over by Philip Bedford...the majority of The DC7c was scrapped...and it all was moved to Lietrim.

                              a short history..I've got some photos of that era..might post them up some time.
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