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Tail fins on pc9

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  • Tail fins on pc9

    I was looking at another site at pictures of the pc-9's and i noticed that on the tail fin there is a swiss flag on them!

    does any1 no the reason for this , have we not payed for them yet and as a result they are still swiss property?

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    They also have swiss civil reg on them.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      look closely at the swiss flag and you will see green and orange of the tri clolour behind it. it's just temporary as the pc-9's are still on the swiss register!


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        Hi Guys,

        The reason for the Swiss flag on the tail is simple. As far as I am aware any Swiss registered aircraft must have the Swiss flag displayed on the aircraft, it's a bit like a ship having to fly the flag of whatever country it's registered in.

        As for the temporary HB-XXX reg, that seems to be one of a bank of registrations used by Pilatus while testing out their aicraft, I looked up one of these reg's trying to get more info on the Irish aircraft and I got info back on either an Aussie or Slovenian (can't remember which country exactly) aircraft that had used the same reg previously.


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