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Salthill Airshow 2004

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  • Salthill Airshow 2004

    So whos going and does anybody know if there will be any other additions to the line up? (Frank?)

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    We're having the Ft. Lauderdale Air and Sea Show this weekend. I'm debating on going, only problem is parking is going to be a mess and you have to get there 2-3 hours early for a good spot to see the planes. The show gets about 1 million people a year.
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      Hope to go but depends on transport, is it worth the effort to get up there???


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        Check out the site listed above & make your own mind up. The general consenus amongst those who have gone before is that it is well worth it.
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          hope tp be there will be on a pots course, but hopefully we will get the sunday off.


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            I will more than likely be heading down on the Sunday morning.
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