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AFM on PC9 and Eurocopter deliveries

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  • AFM on PC9 and Eurocopter deliveries

    Air Forces Monthly P8 June issue. Since this isn't online. I'll type it up exactly as it appears.Excuse the spelling mistakes.I hope the airframe numbers are of interest to some of you though they aren't something everyone can be bothered with.

    Arriving at Baldonnel/Casement on April 21 on delivery from Stans, via Southampton-Eastleigh Airport, were the first three of a total of eight Pilatus PC9M turboprop training aircraft for the Irish Air Corps (IAC).They were supported by IAC Beech 200 King Air 240.
    Comprising 261/HB-HQT (c/n 656), 262/HB-HQU (c/n 657) and 263/HB-HQV (c/n 658), the aircraft were welcomed by the Irish Minister for Defence, Michael Smith; the Chief of Staff, Lt Jim Sreenan; and the General Offiicer Commanding the Air Corps, Brigadier General Ralph James.
    Still to be delivered are 260/HB-HQS (c/n 655), 264/HB-HQW (c/n 659) and 265-267, for which test registration and construction numbers are not yet known.
    The aircraft will replace the Flying Training School's current SF260WE Warrior fleet; however their light weapons capability will also enable them to tbe used for security or defensive operations as required.The remaing five aircraft are due for delivery over the next few months.
    Interestingly, these are the first aircraft in IAC service to be fitted with ejection seats since the Vampire.
    Seperatly, the Minister for Defence also confirmed that tender documentation is nearing completion for the competition to procure new light utility helicopters ()see Irish Air Corps to Relpace Helicopter Fleet, March, P192) .It is understood that a mix of two Eurocopter EC 135s and four larger EC 145s is favoured to replace seven Aloutte III's, four AS 365F Dauphins and an SA 342L Gazelle.The EC 135s would be used for training , whilst the EC145 would be multi-role, undertaking army and navy support, medevc, inshore rescue and VIP transport.

    OK, that's AFMs spin on the whole affair, typed up exactly as it is in the magazine.I believe it adds a few more details the other newspaper reports haven't.The paragraph on the helicopters is also interesting as it is a report in a major military aviation magazine so the talk is gaining more momentum and international recognition.There is also a bit on transport ability in the corps in a section on European transport fleets in the magazine.You'll be glad to know you don't have the worst fixed wing transport capability in Europe and can actually beat Finland and several more!!!! I think that will bring you small comfort.Thought this article was of better sense here than in the news section.
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    Re: AFM on PC9 and Eurocopter deliveries

    Originally posted by ForkTailedDevil
    the Chief of Staff, Lt Jim Sreenan
    When did he get demoted:confused:
    It was the year of fire...the year of destruction...the year we took back what was ours.
    It was the year of rebirth...the year of great sadness...the year of pain...and the year of joy.
    It was a new age...It was the end of history.
    It was the year everything changed.


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      AFM have got it dramatically wrong in the past...

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        Didn't say it was right, just that it is gaining more momentum as a story.

        Sorry, CTU, my fault, it was a typo by myself.
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