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we dont need blackhawks

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    In a perfect world

    The Air Corp ( In reality just a glorified taxi service. Until it gets some Fighter/ Interceptors) should have Blackhawk/ Lynx choppers for the army. Nighthawks for the Rangers and high flying recon planes, also the aforementioned fighters/ interceptors MIG 29's OR HARRIERS would do us. Don't forget our chinooks for airlifting our mowags and scorpions, and troops (platoon plus). our CASA's are grand they do the job. And a few c-130's and in-air refueling craft.

    And for the government our new government jet a boeing 777 to rival and surpass airforce one.

    In reality

    We have trainer aircraft and planes with a light combat role (WW2 era guns and rockets), We use obsolete helicopters and others that just about manage.

    What do we do if we need more troops then the chopper can hold?
    Why do you think God invented para cord and bungee cord?
    Adapt and overcome, to hell with the troops it would seem.

    Of course if this was a perfect world we'd need no armed forces

    AHHH to sleep per chance to dream.........
    It is only by contemplation of the incompetent that we can appreciate the difficulties and accomplishments of the competent.