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C-130 in Baldonnel

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  • C-130 in Baldonnel

    Just caught the end of "oireachtas report" last nite on TV, and Michael D.higgins was giving out to Cowen (foreign affairs i think) about a C-130 landing in baldonnel. He was giving out that when the plane was flying in, a "jolly-roger" pirate flag, with cross bones etc was displayed, and he said it was a symbol Americans going to war and killing, or some other rubbish like that, anyone know what exacyly happened???........ apparently they got the american embassy involved, i think they are looking for an apology.... is this true????
    He also wanted to know why it landed in baldonell and not shannon.

    Anyone know the full story???

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    i read that it was a marine corps KC-130. pirate flag was for landing at foreign airbases (or any airbases for that matter).
    However i may have my information slightly garbled:D
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      I'd assume it would be Navy or Marine Corp.The Jolly Rogers is a US Navy Tomcat squadron.The Navy doesn't operate to many Hercs though so it is mostly likely some sort of KC130 from the Marine Corp.Obviously I can't confirm that without a picture or anything.
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        The US Navy had Hercules in Baldonnel on several occasions in the last few months.


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          i suppose indymeeja will have something on the story of the American Fascist Imperialist Agressor Air Force death plane at baldonnel...
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            This post is from early March, it cites one landing at Baldonnel. Did a search on the reg # provided on Scramble, it's a US Navy one from the VR-55 Naval Reserve squadron at Point Mugu in San Diego.
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