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The A111,Gazelle and the Dauphin. What future?(merged)

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    Was there a fat viking woman screaming in your ear at the time?
    It took the combined lifting power of all six to get THAT PD minister to Dromoland :D
    "He is an enemy officer taken in battle and entitled to fair treatment."
    "No, sir. He's a sergeant, and they don't deserve no respect at all, sir. I should know. They're cunning and artful, if they're any good. I wouldn't mind if he was an officer, sir. But sergeants are clever."


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      Originally posted by Goldie fish
      Was there a fat viking woman screaming in your ear at the time?
      No I think that wasBertie, he has a great singing voice, we heardhim all the way down here:D , btw 3 Allouette's and a Dauphin circled the village for age's in formation on Friday night very impressive it was to:-patriot:


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        Hi Guys,

        Any of you going to the Salthill Air Show this weekend should be in for a treat as there is supposed to be more than one Alouette present at the show.

        Don't ask me about how many exactly as I don't know, all I know is more than one is scheduled to attend.

        Should be something worth seeing.


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          Anybody know what an IAR 317 Airfox is? Yes, I know its a stupid idea and was only a prototype but they looked fairly cool, and thats the only possible reason I have for suggesting the conversion.
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            Certainly looks sporty!


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              Oh yeah that's very nice. BUY IT!!
              There is no problem that cannot be fixed with high explosive.


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                Thanks Yooklid for finding that picture.I was having trouble digging up a decent one to show people.

                For anybody who didn't know what an Airfox was or did not notice its similarities to the Aloutte III (look at the tail) its a rebuild by the Romanian company IAR.To put it simplistically its an Aloutte with the cabin replaced with a tandem seat attack configuration.It first flew in 1984 and was to be a cheap alternative attack chopper in Warpact service.It was equipped with two fixed 7.62 machine guns and the transverse load carrying beam could carry 750kg of weapons planned to include AAMs. The Airfox didn't pass the advanced development stage but could very well have proved to be an extremely popular attack helicopter in 3rd world service (a feat it could even replicate now) due to the mechanical simplicity it probably would have shared with its older brother.

                The Atlas Aircraft Corporation in South Africa attempted a similar experiment with the Aloutte called the Alpha XH1 which used the dynamic system of the Aloutte.It featured a 20mm cannon as the fixed armament but most of the other performance figures were lower than the ones quoted for the Airfox.Lessons learned from a similar experiemtn by Atlas using the Pumas dynamic system eventually resulted in the Rooivalk.

                I am only talking about these helicopters to show that there is plenty of use in the airframe.Long may the Alouttes live on!!!
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                  Dumb question

                  Hope this is appropriate?

                  What exactly is the problem with the Dauphin I was under the impression that these things where a great workhorse. I remember when they came into service, it was a bit like the mowags in that every time any one motioned defence the minister would go "Well look at the shiny new Dauphin we bought". Why are you guys against it now?

                  Sorry if this stupid and or off topic



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                    According to the AAIU report on the tragic Waterford crash, the avionics fit is dated and maintainable is a major issue.


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                      The Dauphin was too heavily-laden with kit, this reduced it's endurance considerably. This lack of range, coupled with the fact that it couldn't hold that many people, meant it wasn't much good in the SAR role.

                      Another problem is it's unique avionics fit, it would cost around €3.5 million per unit to bring them up to date.
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                        The Swiss won't be retiring their Alouettes for a few years yet, they are still very good for some tasks.


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                          Neither are the Indians.Despite their new ALH, the Druhv, coming into service they still are using Alouttes for high altitude work and had to put out a new tender for LUHs to work in the mountains because the Druhv doesn't have the performance (Its a EC145 relative BTW)
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                            This months cosantoir has an article about the Allouette which mentions how it holds the record for the Highest altitude rescue,lifting some stranded climbers from the peak of Mont Blanc.
                            Someone may have already mentioned it,but the French Securite Civile prefer the A3 to the EC145 on High altitude rescues.

                            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.