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  • What Light Utility Helicopter?

    A Panel of experts on IMO(meself and Mr Turkey) have done some brainstorming,and come up with a list of possible contenders for the tender for 2 TWIN ENGINE LIGHT UTILITY MILITARY HELICOPTERS.
    What we came up with was limited,at best, but the tender is quite specific,and rules out a lot of aircraft.

    Agusta A109

    Eurocopter EC635

    Eurocopter AS555
    Agusta A109
    Eurocopter EC635
    Eurocopter AS555
    Other type

    The poll is expired.

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    If the A109 was a tad bigger, I think it would be the best choice and would also break the Eurocopter stranglehold on the IAC, but as things are at present, the EC635 seems to be the most likely contender.

    Brainstorming.......experts????? Ja**s, will ya get off the wheelbarrow?:D :D :D
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      I can see them sticking with euroCopter for some strange reason :D
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        I'd like to see Outsourcing of the basic training with procurement focused on operational capable TTHs as an option please.
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          The A-109 would be more than capable of meeting the requirements laid out in the tender for the LUH.

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            Wile looking through the specifics for the AS555, I noticed that one of the fittings,a GPS requires subscription by the user. Imagine the panic once the 12 months are up and the GPS is asking the pilot for his user ID and password?

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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              Summary of tender for Light Utility Helicopter, by me:

              QTY: 2
              MAIN ROLE: training
              CREW + PAX: 2 + 5

              Twin engined
              Single & dual pilot IFR capable
              Fire extinguishing system
              NVE Compatible
              Dual controls & instruments
              Flight management system
              Mode S transponder
              Radio altimeter
              Specified radio fit
              Crew comms fit
              Cabin sliding doors on each side
              Crashworthy seats for crew
              Crash resisitant seats for pax
              CVR, FDR, ELT
              Cabin heater, ventiliation, windscreen wipers
              Capable of external load (SHOULD BE MIN 1000 kg)
              Skis available
              Air Ambulance role with 1 patient
              Floation devices available
              Rescue Hoist available
              Abseiling kit available (1/2 troops from both sides simultaneously)

              SHOULDS / DESIRABLES:
              Crash worthy tanks
              Flat screen displays
              Digitial moving map
              Wire strike protection
              Weather radar

              RANGE / ENDURANCE:

              min 2.5 hrs @ best range speed with 3 crew
              Not including take off, taxi, reserves, etc (specified)

              Air Ambulance
              100 nm non-stop with 2 crew + 2 medics + 1 patient
              Not including take off, taxi, reserves, etc (specified)

              VIP Transport
              100 nm non-stop with 2 crew + 4 pax
              Not including take off, taxi, reserves, etc (specified)
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                I assume you will do likewise for the UH?

                Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                    Quick browse throught the Eurocopter & Agusta website show this:

                    EUROCOPTER MODELS
                    EC 635 P2 / T2 (suitable as LUH)
                    AS 565 UB (suitable as UH)
                    AS 555 UN / AN (only 2+4 passengers)
                    EC 130 B4 (only 1 sliding door)
                    AS 550 C3 (only single engined)

                    AGUSTA MODELS
                    A119 Koala (only single engined)
                    A109 LUH (suitable as LUH, but only if it has 2 sliding doors)
                    Super Lynx 300 (suitable as LUH only, as external load is only 1360 kg)

                    Therefore the following are suitable as LUH:
                    Eurocopter EC 635 P2 / T2
                    Agusta A109 LUH
                    Super Lynx 300

                    Will try to review other manufacturers later!
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                      The super lynx has been included un the UH category by the IMO experts because the 1500kg Slung load is a "should"not a "must". Missed that the AS555 is a 2+4 only. Wouldnt mind but i even flew in one once so you would think i would remember..

                      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                        Will try to do a full review of the following later (but on first inspection) this is situation:

                        None suitable for UH / LUH

                        S-76 ? (not sure if suitable yet)
                        UH-60L Black Hawk (UH)
                        S-70A International Black Hawk (UH)

                        BELL HELICOPTERS
                        Huey II ? (not sure if suitable yet)
                        UH-1Y (UH)

                        MD900 Explorer (LUH)
                        MD600N (not suitable - single engined)
                        MD520N (not suitable - single engined)
                        MD530F (not suitable - single engined)
                        MD500E (not suitable - single engined)

                        None Suitable for UH / LUH
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                          For some reason, the deadline for tenders has been extended by a week, untill 3 August.


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                            Possibly something to do with the Clarification issue. Where did you hear of this deferral?

                            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.