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Aer Corps at Farnborough

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  • Aer Corps at Farnborough

    Was at Farnborough last week filming with the beeb, the Aer Corps Boys were there with a new PC-9 looking well. Weird place though, with guys literally wearing stetsons and cowboy boots mixing with some very dodgy Russians.....

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    Was there on sunday took some pics of the PC-9 I think it was 266. I wonder why Pilatus deciced to ask the air corps to do the static display for the PC-9. I also noticed that it was the Irish aircraft that that was getting more attention from the public then the other two Pilatus aircraft. :-patriot:
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      Probably becuase they are are nice and shiny.Its also probably becuase they are the closest examples to Farnborough. Pilatus might have had to fly in another demonstrator aircraft from elsewhere. Depending upon the registrations it holds it may have been too much trouble to get overflight permission if they are classd as military aircraft by some countries.
      I'm only speculating on that though
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        I was there 2 years ago with my unit doing med cover. We had a access to all areas it was aircraft heaven there was every thing you could think of.